Psychic Larvae and Psychic Vampirism

Many people of the internet world have heard stories of so-called psychic vampires, willingly or unwillingly feeding off the energy of those around them. Although it is easy to dismiss these claims as the ravings of deluded attention seekers, there is some validity to claims that people can drain one’s energy, albeit not in a supernatural way. In my view, there are three classifications for psychic vampires.

The first category is people who are attention seekers and want to brag to everyone they know that they’re psychic vampires. Some may talk about how proud they are of it and others may talk about how it is a curse that they live with. In general, these attention seekers can usually be identified because they regale anyone who will listen with tales of their exploits, and more often than not they also claim various forms of supernatural abilities. They usually are under age 30, and may also have an obsession or extreme interest in vampire folklore (more akin to Twilight and Interview with the Vampire than older vampire folklore), as well as other supernatural interests. The only way they are actually able to take energy off of people is when people willingly give them the one thing they seek—attention. By ignoring them, they become quickly impotent.

The second category that I classify as psychic vampires is people who prey on or engage in codependent relationships. Codependency, sometimes identified with inverted narcissism or Dependent Personality Disorder, is one form of an abusive relationship. More often than not, partners of self-described psychic vampires fall into the characteristics of codependence. In addition, when a self-described psychic vampire claims to be unable to feed, his or her personality also shifts wildly to exhibit large numbers of codependent traits. A list of the warning signs of codependency can be found here:

The best resolution for these conditions is evaluation by a trained psychologist or therapist or, in the case of the psychic vampire “victim”, removal from the relationship and severing of contact.

In my view, there is a third category that does have some metaphysical merit, and that is the issue of psychic larvae. Although it is commonly accepted in many circles that it is often necessary to cleanse one’s self of negative energy, explanations of why and how “negative energy” attaches itself to someone are not as forthcoming. If we believe that there are creatures that exist outside of the purely physical realm, then it would stand to reason that there is as much variety (if not more) of nonphysical beings as there are physical beings. One category of these beings is sometimes referred to as psychic larvae. Think of them as energetic bed bugs that stick onto a person and feed off of their auric energy.

All people can have them attached to their body, and like bed bugs, unless you see them, you likely won’t feel them there. Too many of them, however, and you’ll start to notice a decrease in

Just like some people are more attractive to mosquitoes than others in the physical world, I believe that some people are more attractive to psychic larvae than others. In addition to some people just seemingly more “tasty” than others, certain activities and behaviors can increase one’s attractiveness to psychic larvae. Examples of activities and behaviors that promote attraction of psychic larvae include:

  • Substance use or abuse (alcohol, tobacco, drugs)
  • Mental illness or instability
  • Emotional turmoil or trauma
  • Work in fields, such as emergency rescue or medicine, that puts a person in
    contact with the dead or dying (as once a human dies, the psychic larvae
    will need to connect to a living host)
  • Practice of witchcraft, energy work, or psychic work
  • Living in or visiting places with energetic instabilities (for instance, a place
    where someone has been killed) or high levels of psychic activity
  • Severe or chronic physical illness, or short-term attractiveness based on
    temporary illness, stress, or grief
  • Poor maintenance of “psychic cleanliness”

It may be that some of these attractiveness characteristics may be a result from a larvae infestation. For example, larvae can decrease a person’s well being and make them susceptible to immune challenges that cause physical illness, although it is important to note that not every common cold is caused by psychic larvae.

Because we live in a world with many challenges and myriad energies brushing up against us, at any given time, we all have psychic larvae on us. This is why many witchcraft or similar spiritual practices teach the importance of cleansing rites (smudging, anointing, ritual baths, etc.). This is also why when we are feeling stressed, things that provide cleansing from larvae (for instance, a long, hot bath after a stressful day) make us feel healthy and cleansed.

Through certain risk factors and personal predisposition, some people will attract more psychic larvae to their bodies than others. It is my view that many people who claim to be psychic vampires who do not fall into the first two categories are simply carrying around large amounts of larvae on their body. When they claim that they are “feeding” off of someone, what is actually happening is that the psychic larvae on the host body (which is “starving” hence, the need to “feed”) simply move to a new host that has more energy and thus appears more tasty. The loss of psychic larvae on the self-proclaimed psychic vampire will make them feel better, and the attachment of psychic larvae on the new person will make that person feel worse. In reality, it has nothing to do with either person—it is just etheric bed bugs crawling to a new meal.

It is important to note that psychic larvae are not malicious any more than a mosquito or a bed bug. They are not out to attack you. They are not out to harm you. They are just out for their own survival.

How can you tell that you have an abundance of psychic larvae? Here's a few signs (although always rule out mundane reasons first).

  • Unexplainable fatigue
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Physical cuts, sores, or bruises (generally self-inflicted during sleep or unintentionally when awake)
  • Dietary cravings (i.e., red meat, alcohol, sugar, carbohydrates)
  • General feeling of discomfort or unease
  • Physical pain
  • Headaches
  • Crawling feeling on the skin/itchiness
  • Feeling like one isn't grounded
  • Breathing difficulties

What can be done to treat a personal infestation psychic larvae? Here are a few tips that can help you if you find that you are being plagued by these critters.

1. Make sure your physical health is in order. That means staying properly hydrated, eating healthy, being physically fit, abstaining from toxins (drugs, tobacco, excessive alcohol use), get regular checkups from the doctor and all age-appropriate screening, and get your recommended amount of nightly sleep. This also includes making sure that if you need supplements, that you take those as well. It has been my experience that people who have a lot of psychic larvae also seem to have vitamin D and iron deficiencies.

2. Make sure your house, car, and workplace are physically clean. Just like physical bugs, psychic larvae are less attracted to places that are neat and clean.

3. Make sure your house, car, and workplace are energetically sound. This can be done through a variety of regular cleansing work.

4. Stress less. We know that stress releases body scents that attract bugs. Why would it be a surprise that it releases psychic scent to attract larvae as well?

5. When performing magic or other psychic work, clean before and clean up afterwards.

If the going gets tough, there are many other stronger options that can be considered, including cleansing through intense baths with things like cinquefoil, hyssop, or rue; “scraping” psychic larvae with an iron blade (akin to removing leeches from the skin); doing work to cleanse and reset the chakra points; and other purification rites. But in general, most people can be relatively free of psychic larvae if they take active action to cleanse themselves regularly and then do a bit of extra cleaning if they have been exposed to a situation where they were likely to pick up psychic larvae.

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Comment by Vickie Looney on November 29, 2010 at 13:03
Wow this makes sense. I have been doing lots of cleansing lately because of going through all my stuff that was in storage i am finding all my "magical things" like stones i collected, my swords, and other stuff. Mostly I have done mundane cleansing but i now see the need to spiritually cleanse them too as they were stored in a time of distress and i am sure some of that energy is still on them. Thanks for the article, I love to be inspired! I needed this information.
Comment by Krys on November 29, 2010 at 11:43
Love this article. Thank you!
Comment by VLM on November 26, 2010 at 11:09
Very nice, Leisha, thank you!! I believe that this is the same kind of thing as what I call attachments... black gooey-ness that attaches itself to our chakra's, many times after emotional distress. It was one of the things that I was taught about "pulling out," or cleaning off, during Reiki.

I've noticed that in doing daily ritual (LRP's,) I've had a lot more energy, and far fewer attachments when doing personal reiki.. so that might help as well (The LBRP banishing in the elemental plane of earth etc.)
Comment by Elise on November 25, 2010 at 11:01
*stands and applauds*
Comment by Draconis Saturn on November 25, 2010 at 3:50
Comment by Sangraal on November 24, 2010 at 14:05
Fantastic thread, Leisha. Prevention, indeed, is the best medicine.
Comment by Jennifer Renee on November 24, 2010 at 14:01
Excellent Post indeed!!!


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