Pretty ,Powerful and Pagan ,Peony.......A Hedgewitchs staple

Paeonia officinallis Also known as Peony has its roots firmly planted in our past.
It came as no surprize to me that there’s so much lore concerning this well loved garden heirloom. Whether you want to cast a spell, bring good fortune into your life or
just enjoy their beauty,peonies have a long rich history.

One legend (from Greek mythology) is that the peony was named after Paeon, the Greek god of healing, who used them to treat battle wounds of the gods, they signify. Symbol of remembrance, they bloom aptly around Memorial Day, when the loveliness of spring is at its peak. In ancient folklore, it was believed that the moon goddess created this flower to reflect the moon’s beams during the night.
Pliny said that peonies are the “oldest of plants, and are an important medicine that cures
twenty ills.” Peony seeds, strung in a garland and worn around the neck, were said to
protect children. They were also chewed to ward off nightmares. Peony root was given to
women in childbirth and peony leaves were used to cure lunatics.
In Taoism and such other Chinese folk religions flowers do not just represent beauty,
but are also the symbols of life, happiness,and fertility.
"Sho Yu" is the Chinese name for the peony. It means “most beautiful”. It’s fitting that the
lovely peony is often used as a metaphor for female beauty.For the Chinese, Peony is
a most auspicious flower.They symbolize prosperity, happiness and peace and are regarded
as an omen of good fortune.
Chinese peony paintings are often hung in the home for good luck and in the office for a
prosperous business. It is the flower of riches and honor. Pictured in full bloom, the peony
symbolizes peace.
Gardening lore states that crawling ants are needed for the peony buds to open.
According to the University of Illinois Extension there is no truth to this. Tiny nectaries
cover peony flower buds and produce a sweet nectar. The nectar runs along the edges of the
scales that cover developing buds. Ants roam the buds because they are attracted to and need
the carbohydrates the nectar provides.Ants are beneficial to peonies because they protect
plants from which they get food. If gnawing caterpillars or other insects appear on peonies
the ants will attack them.

Peonies have a variety of Magickal Uses.In general Peony is regarded to protect the
body, spirit and soul.In the home it wards away evil spirits; in the garden, it keeps evil
and storms away. The seeds and roots, called 'piney beads', are worn as a necklace for
protection from mischievous fairies and imps. Combine the 'piney beads' with coral and
flint to keep the incubus away.
If your Peony produces seeds, they are considered very magickal. The seeds can be harvested
and dried, then threaded and worn as a necklace to bring protection against all forms of
negative energy.

Peony roots are considered quite powerful.They are said to have a great deal of power to
Protect Against Misfortune, Bolster Health, Break Jinxes, and Draw Good Fortune.
Harvest some roots (Gather only at night),clean them under running water,while they are
still fresh slice them into small circlets (1/2 inch or so),then dry.
If your going to string the pieces, pierce them with a sharp needle before you dry them ,
because they dry hard as nails.
Once dried these pieces can be made into a necklace just like the seeds.Or you can grate them to use
in smudges and spell bags.My favored use for Peony root is the making of storm wards Its awsome for that!
Peony can also be used as a substitute for mandrake.

The peony is used as a in Feng Shui cure
for love and romance. This is said to apply especially to pink peonies. They can assist in attracting an ideal mate, enhancing your
love life, and in having a lucky marriage.Feng Shui “cures” are alterations in your
environment that result in desired life changes.

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Comment by Seren Haf on May 15, 2011 at 16:56
wonderful post as always
Comment by Grayson on May 13, 2011 at 2:29
Yet another excellent post, yet another plant to add to my "list of wants" for when my garden is ready for planting.(",)
Comment by MJ on May 12, 2011 at 23:45

Awesome!!!!!!!!!  Thanks once again for sharing such a wonderful collection of  information

Hugs and Blessings,  MJ  )O(


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