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I feel like I've been very inactive here...XD

Anyways, I thought I'd get back into this by giving a review of a recent movie I saw last night. Disney's Frozen. 

Yes, it's better than what the previews suggest, and yes, it is worth seeing. It has to be one of the best holiday films to see. The story is based on Hans Christen Anderson's The Snow Queen, and everything about the movie is phenomenal! Go see it!!!

I'll try to get some book reviews on here soon, as soon as I can figure out a good one to put up, but my reading list is a bit high at the moment. Please be patient with me.

As for my fan fiction work, that is being put on hold until the end of this semester, as I want to focus on my schoolwork. I might be able to get back into writing in January, but I'll play it by ear, as I will most likely start a fic idea notebook to help me on future stories.

Well, that's it for now.

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Comment by Ms. Witch(Sara) on Tuesday

I kind of wanted to see Frozen but my husband didn't seem to keen on it. It might be a Netflix or red box movie though once it comes out. Thanks for sharing!


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