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Reflections on the New Age


When what is new is old, and the old becomes that which is new

And each is indistinguishable from one another

Welcoming all, but including few

And the call of the father now resides within the mother

You have entered these times, the age is now

We delve into those ancient dreams with new eyes

Not only to ask why, but also how?

Wisdom shrouded in folly’s guise

For what have we learned if not to tend to our roots?

And though this puzzle takes a distinctly modern form

Must we deny it to appease those bullies and brutes?

For the future is indefinitely a reaction to the past, ever repelling the norm

Light to illuminate the dark, but yet night must come again

Summers warmth gives way to the frigid cold of winter

The forward march must not and cannot refrain

If we could only return to those ages, what would it hinder?

No, we cannot romance a nostalgic illusion

We must remember and conceive a new reign, a discovered verity

To regain that which is lost is to succumb to delusion

But forget, never… there is no forgiveness of antiquity

So sing on, bards of the present, and sculptors of the new archetype

And ring a bell thrice for the ritual, of a timeless tradition

For does truth grow in the hourglass of the ages, or disintegrate after it is ripe?

Is it not the natural mortal urge that makes honesty come to fruition?

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Steve Paine Comment by Steve Paine 5 hours ago
What a really lovely piece of prose - I enjoyed it very much - Blessed Be!

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