Pagan riffs on "The Lord's Prayer"

Here's another one found in one of my notebooks that doesn't seem to have a life on the Internet at present.

This one is attributed to "Eilyan, 1995" and appears to be done in the style of the Christian "Lord's Prayer."
High and Holy Lady
Which art the Cosmos
Hallowed be Thy Names!

Thy Will be done
Throughout the
Astrals, the
Earth, and the

Illuminate us this day with the Holy Grail

And bless our intentions as
We bless the intentions of others

Let us not stray from the narrow path to
Thy Holy City,
And deliver us from all maleficence

For Thine is the Cosmos,
The Power,
And the Glory
Now and Forever.

And As I Will, So Mote It Be.


And this is another variant from 1994, written by Connia Silver

Our Mother,
Whose Essence lies in all,
Thy wisdom come
That our will be done
In accordance with Your Divine Plan.
Give us this day the ability to co-create
For the good of all with harm to none.
And bless us with compassion
for those we do not understand,
As well as those who do not understand us.
Illuminate Thy path of Truth before us,
And awaken us from our own illusions.
For Thou are the Universe,
Love and Spirit within.
So be it! Blessed be.

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Comment by Annie Moore on December 30, 2011 at 8:41

I love these! I used to get told off when little for making the Our Father groovy and off-beat. :P Thanks for sharing.

Comment by Dsuyentor on December 29, 2011 at 17:58

OMG i love this!! thanks for sharing :O)


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