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Hey all so I'm kinda miserable today. I have a head cold. I've been trying to get plenty of rest and load up on vitamins. I'm taking metal for the sinus/ allergy part of it. I've been using my neti pot and drinking hot water with cinnamon and honey in it I also made homemade vapor rub off of the wellness mama websites and I've been using that since yesterday. I also bought those natural nasal spray at the health food store can't remember what its called right now but it's completely 100 percent drug free. What I thought I'd give that a try. I'm going to try and load up on fruit smoothies today. I started feeling kind of down weeks ago so I took all my normal supplements for immune boosting but I think I quit taking them too soon since everyone else at work it was sick it just caught up with me. I wanted to talk today about a few new things I've been trying. One is making tinctures. So far I've only made a chamomile one. It has 2 to 6 weeks to set I'm going to let it sit the whole 6 weeks. I've been shaking it once a day. I plan to use it for headaches and to help me sleep. and hopefully my husband too. :) I am definitely going to make a nettle tincture for both of our allergies as soon as is chamomile one is done.
I took a trip to the health food store today and I bought a5 pound bag of brown rice, Coconut flour, a ceramic neti pot, that on natural drug free nasal spray, dried nettle leaf, metal capsules, dried coconut banana and papaya, and two ear candles. Ear candling is something I've always wanted to try. I did it today for the first time and this is how it went. It's pretty easy to do they recommend having two people but I was able to do it by myself. It took about a half hour to do both my ears. I don't feel any different than I did before. Maybe because of the head cold? You can hear the candle burning it when its in your ear and it kinda makes them crackling and popping noises. It definitely did extract wax from my ears. I will definitely try it again when I'm healthy. It does kind of stink up the room with a burn leaves are burnt marshmallow kind of smell. I bought a brand called harmony candle it's made with all organic cotton and wax. Have any of you ever tried ear candling and
if so what did you think about it didn't help you?
I haven't done much with my garden yet I need to get the yard ready I'm hesitant though if we're going to be moving soon we're looking at another house tomorrow. In the house I have started growing tomatoes lettuce and spinach so I have all those seedlings. I would also like to try and grow some red potatoes and a few herbs. What are all of your gardening plans this spring and summer? My dads going to plant some beats and try to grow beats again this year we didn't have any success last year.
I have one more post planned for today so stay tuned for that.
Also a quick update on my computer. So, we sent it off to Geek Squad through Best Buy. They call me yesterday and informed me that it was a motherboard issue and it was going to cost me over $700 to fix it. Yikes! So my husband and I are going to have the old laptop recycled and look for a new laptop next weekend.

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