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natural beauty and body products is it worth it? part 2

Hey all,
I am still sick and had to call in to work Saturday. I am laid up in bed with one of the cats. While the hubby plays marvel heros on the net.
I WA t to review homemade vapo rub. I got the recipe off of I made it fir the first time Friday. Its organic unrefined coconut oil mint essential oil, Clive and Rosemary. Its also supposed to have eucalyptus oil andbeeswax in it as well.I didn't have eucalyptus and didn't feel like grating. Beeswax. When you arenot sick grating beeswax is hard work. So I decided to skip it.
The vapor rub works okay. Next time I will definitely make sure to use eucalyptus oil.. I don't notice it being very minty but my sinuses are pretty inflammed so I can't smell really well. It doesn't open upny sinuses very well (I think the eucalyptus was beneficial for this reason) but the coconut oil soothes a sore red nose. Try it out for yourself if you are a sinus or allergy sufferer.

Basic lotion bars
There are many variations to these. I used beeswax coconut oil and coco butter. Just what I had on hand.
They work very well. When I first used them my skin felt sticky. But my skin wasn't used to them. Now I don't get a sticky feeling. They are pretty cheap to make. And great gifts. You can add essential oils to make them scented. I think they smell divine just like this. On the second batch I used a recipe from its the same ingredients but you add mint oil and it give the bars a chocolate mint scent. Delightful indeed!

Soapnut shampoo
This recipe also from wellnessmama took little time to prepare. The major downside is that it has to be kept in the fridge. I store it in a washed out peperoncini pepper jar and I pour some in an amber 1ozbottle for each time I wash. It took awhile to get used to this. At first my hair was oily on top and dry and brittle on the ends
after about a week my hair felt normal again. I used Rosemary and mint to make it scented. I will most likely continue to use this shampoo.
I am going to try and make a bentonite clay toothpaste. I just got the clay I ordered yesterday so as soon as I get to feeling better I will make it and let you all know how it is.

Beeswax candles
Basically I melt the wax in a makeshift double boiler. I don't add any oils. I use a cotton wick and recycled glass jars..the candles have a natural honey smell. These make great gifts and it is said that beeswax purifies the air naturally. The candles you buy usually have synthetic fragerance and dyes and these are not gow
od to handle or breathe in. It is much cheaper to make your own. Beeswax is available in yellow or white. If you want you can dye it and scent it with natural dyes and essential oils.

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