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natural beauty and body products is it worth it?

Hey all is many of you know I make my own body and beauty products. I'm shared some recipes, links, pictures, but never really took the time to review all of them with you on if I would use them again if I've perfected the recipes or how any of that is going so I thought I would share with you.
first up is homemade deodorant. I got this recipe off of wellness mama dot com but I also seen people make videos about it on YouTube.
I make mine from coconut oil arrowroot powder and baking soda. You can also use cornstarch if you can't find or do not have a root powder. I also will add tea tree essential oil and lavender essential oil. You can use as many oil as you like.(all organic ingredients)
I store the deodorant in a antique cobalt blue nozema jar. It is the perfect size. You can also recycle a old empty stick from store bought deodorant. I tried this and I didn't think it worked out too well. Like probably all of you I keep my deodorant in the bathroom and the temperature in their flocks wait so much that the coconut oil would cause the deodorant to get runny some days and hard other days. When it gets runny I found that it will leak out of tecycled stick and create a mess. So I started storing it in jars and this works perfect you just use your fingers and wipe it on your armpits or you can smooth it on with a tongue depressor.
So how does this deodorant work?
at first I was worried because I'd read articles about when you start using a natural deodorant your armpits detox and the deodorant does not work as well as the store bought at first. I didn't really notice having any problems adjusting to it. I don't have any stains on my clothes with this deodorant where is with the store bought deodorant I would get that all the time. Thisdeodorant doesn't clump when I rub it on my skin and it doesn't get on my shirt says I'm getting dressed or anything like that. And it comes out easily in the wash.
I have recommended this to a couple of friends and they absolutely love it! I recommend it to anyone that is willing to try it. Not to mention that your body odor it has aluminum in it and that can cause cancer and I do have kind of a personal story about that. My husbands aunt got diagnosed with breast cancer years ago and she started using all natural body products and of course she went through chemo and had all that nasty medical treatment but she actually has continued to use all natural body products and the cancer has not come back. This natural deodorant is by far better for you and your body and the environment because if you recycle container or put it into a jar there's absolutely no waste!
Next stop is a brown sugar face and body scrub.
I use a blend of Organic sugars in the raw, organic coconut oil, and pure raw organic unfiltered honey. I store this in a glass bale jar in the shower.
So how does this product work?
I just wet my hands but a little bit of scrub on to my hand and rub on to my face or my feet or ry elbows or knees or all over my body. It works great it also smells amazing. I made some for a few friends and they are absolutely love it
it has helps with their dry skin and acne problems. You can store this in a plastic container or a glass jar A I also use just keep it in your shower so if they're all the time or by your sink.
Next is my oatmeal soap
I buy an extra clear organic be getting all natural soap base. I then fix some very sticky oatmeal and strain the liquid from it add a pinch of powdered milk and add it to the soap base and then I poured into the molds. I have a silicone more that I bought off of Amazon I think it was about $12. I also have an antique mini loaf pan that I use and it makes a nice I slab that i can get about two to three bars out of, I have also been cutting the bottoms of of almond milk and coconut milk containers and washing them out and using them as mold for soap. They make a nice size bar and it's a great way to recycle and reuse things. Once the soap base
Is poured I chop up a little dry oats and sprinkle on top. This method takes little time and is pretty cheap and easy.
This soap works way better than any store bought soap I have ever tried my skin is not deprived of moisture afterwards my skin is so soft its looks healthy. I have a few people that buy from me and I give these bars as gifts.
This is going to have to be all for now as I'm still posting from my phone it is very difficult and it is a daunting task! Please For yourself and the environment learn how to make some kind of product to to better yourself and the environment your body and mother earth will thank you. I will still review my homie beeswax candles, the lotion bars from wellness, the homemade Vapor Rub from my mama dot com, and a toothpaste and also a soap not shampoo at a later time and maybe later today if I get to feeling better. I hope you all are well

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Comment by Ms. Witch(Sara) on March 15, 2014 at 17:59
I did have razor burn once and found that the deodorant stung a bit. But that was my only negative experience with it.
Comment by Flammeous {De Empress} on March 15, 2014 at 8:23

Appreciate the updates to the homemade recipes.  It's always good to hear whats been successful and what hasn't.  Or course it's always good to include that everyone is different, and experiences will vary.  With that being said....

I have tried the homemade deodorant, but a different recipe found on Youtube.  Maybe if I'm game to experiment with this again, I will try the variation that you posted.  I, however, did not have a pleasant experience with this particular endeavor.  To sum it up bluntly.  It burned.  I have since switched back to commercial deodorant.

I have been thinking of having my daughter wash her face with just pure organic honey, as she has really bad acne, as I read somewhere online, someone having success with this.  I know the benefits of honey, as it is an ingredient that I use in a liquid face wash that I make at home.  I love it, however the reason why I made it was for my daughter, and I just haven't seen any positive results with her.  I have jotted down your body & face sugar scrub, and we will give this a try as well.

Myself, I have recently been using a scrub with coffee grounds, and I might gravitate towards switching out the brown sugar for that. ;)

Oatmeal is good for oily skin, and also a good soft exfoliate. 


- Flammeous


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