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Needing to understand the meaning of Crow entering into my life at this time I am trying to find out just what Crow is trying to say to me from as many sources as possible. Crow is a wonderful spirit and from what I am learning I have much I can learn from this wonderful teacher. Being of the earth element as a double taurus, I find that most of my helpers seem to be feathered which possibly is my rising sign coming forwards, Aquarius. I find that I can become a stick in the mud if I am not careful, and it is at these times I need to fly up and soar into the winds of change.





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         Crow is the keeper of sacred law and knows the mystery. She teaches us         that there are not one two or three worlds but many.          The laws of Sacredness          To balance our need for partnership with other areas of our life          To be at peace with our own company as well as within a group Psychic protection          To value ourselves giving ourselves the best          The joy in exploration crow,crows,black crow,crows,see crows in dream,crow         totem,goddess

How       to Apply Crows Teachings to Your Life
       How do you see the laws of sacredness in relation to the laws of humanity?       Are they divided? Crow sees with one eye. Perhaps it is time for your to       acknowledge the divine purpose of all things.        Your ancestors may be bringing a message to you of impending change. Be       mindful at this stage of your life.        It may also be time for you to help others step out from the darkness of       denial and into the light        With sharp vision crow is aware of all around her. Are you to well aware       of all around you including the injustices? Do you struggle to find meaning       in your life because of the awareness you have? Know that awareness is a       gift. Perhaps you need to be supported by like-minded people who see what       you see. Realise also that your vision is a great benefit to others. You       have the ability to help others out of their own darkness as crow warns       other animals of approaching danger.        In partnership crow teaches us not to discount our partners efforts or belittle       their interests. Make an effort to verbally acknowledge and thank your partner       for their efforts.        Crow may also warn of gossip. Spending time gossiping about others or worrying       about the gossip of others is wasted energy.        Are you holding onto the past? Crow knows no time. She experiences past       present and future simultaneously. Learn from your past and move on.        Do you wear many faces? Be careful of becoming manipulative and preying       on those who are easily lead or gullible.
How       to Harness Crow Energy

         Find a feather of crows and place it in an important place          Read about crow Listen to the shrieking of crow          Be still and listen to mystery          Draw Crow


         Crow may communicate to you through leaving feathers for you to find.         These serve as a reminder of your connection to spirit or that it is time         for you to be still to enable a message from spirit to come through.          When a crow is shrieking check that there is not something dangerous in         the area as this is their way of warning you and other animals          They may also shriek while you are thinking about a certain area of your         life so as to draw attention to it

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       Keeper of sacred law       I open to the Mystery       The knowledge of many world that my ancestors now know       In balance of past present future       I walk with awareness and speak my truth       Using my sharp sight for the benefit of all
Myths       and Legends
       Native American legend tells of a crow who was fascinated with her own shadow       so much so that she kept pecking at it until it came alive. Her shadow then       ate her. This tells of crow knowing both worlds. She became part of the       mystery.

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