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Fair warning:  This is a total rant.


After reading a few articles and the comments posted in the religion sections of various news websites, I need to state something...


Get all your busy-body noses out of my life! Get your nosy butts out of my beliefs, my bedroom...out of everything in my life that doesn't have anything to do with you!


I am pagan, I am bisexual, and I am damn proud of it. It does not make me evil, sinful, immoral, or any other bad words you want to use against someone like me.


I help people. I live a quiet, peaceful life. I know right from wrong. I am conscientious. I am a good person.


I am sick and tired of people thinking that someone like me is a horrible, evil person because I believe differently than them. People make some of the most disgusting comments about other people when the person can hide behind the internet. Big darn ding-a-ling deal if someone doesn't live his/her life exactly like you! That person is not evil because of it, and frankly, I think you need to look in the mirror and reflect on what kind of person you have allowed yourself to become. With such feelings toward your fellow human beings, you sound more evil than someone who lives a different life but is a decent person.


It's called diversity! It is what makes this world great. You may not agree with how another person lives his/her life, but what makes you think you have the right wish injury, death, or other awful situations on another because that person is not of the same religion, or is of the LGBT community, or something else that is strange and different to you. How can some people be so hateful and yet say they are righteous and good because of the religion they believe/practice?


I am just sick of it. No more reading the comments on religious articles for me. I get too worked up over the vile hatred that is spewed in them.


End of rant. Thank you for your patience. I will now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

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Daniel O'Neill (Cat wrangler) Comment by Daniel O'Neill (Cat wrangler) yesterday
Sarah Rock on with your rant self, damn fine rant.You know dear some time y'a just got'a let flow or your gonna blow like a old stills "thump pot" under to much fire.
Holly Comment by Holly yesterday

Whistle Whistle Hoot Hoot Way to put it in writing!  I wish I could write the way I rant sometimes!  If I could, I would have some great postings like this one! 

Sarah Comment by Sarah on Thursday

Oh, I know I shouldn't sweat it. Also, I know there are very nice people out there. I've seen that in some comments where someone will defend others.

Also, I won't post comments on a website if people are rude and nasty towards others like I've seen before. I'm not going to give some stranger the opportunity to try to rip me apart because I'm different and he/she doesn't like it. That's one reason I enjoy it here so much. We may not always agree with each other, but everyone here tends to have an understanding that we still show a bit of decency towards others and try to behave politely.

What is horrible is that there are people who comment on websites who will call a person every derogatory name in the book or even throw out threats if that person's beliefs are different, they're a part of the LGBT community, etc. I've even seen people who associate themselves with a specific religion jump all over another who also considers himself/herself to be of the same religion because that person doesn't hate others who are different.

What I hate the most, though, is that these people who post such hateful comments about/towards others would never, NEVER have the gonads to say any of that stuff to the person's face. Plain and simple, if you have to hide behind the anonymity of the
internet because you know you would essentially get your butt handed to you if you tried saying such things to another person face-to-face, DO NOT say it at all.

Makoons Comment by Makoons on Wednesday

Now this is not to say that I don't agree with you, I do. In a perfect world we could all accept agreeing to disagree and live and let live. My only advice to you is to not sweat it. Even if these particular people who bother you go their own way, there'll be another person or two right behind them doing the same. It's never easy and it's never fun but it is a part of life. People are so insecure that they feel the need to FORCE others to be like them to validate their way of life. 


On the other side of the coin, you WILL meet wonderful people who understand the concept of diversity and letting others be. I used to live with devout Christians who invited me to smudge their home whenever I felt and say our prayers over dinner in Ojibwe. People can and will surprise you. 

Lolli Comment by Lolli on Wednesday

Sometimes I feel everything you just said, well done :) x

Ron(Sitra Ahra) Comment by Ron(Sitra Ahra) on Wednesday



Journey Comment by Journey on Wednesday
Well. At least Im not alone here. I just recently had someone decide she couldnt stand me because Im pagan. And on top of that, she was the one that told me not to worry about what other people thought about it.....some people just really get on my nerves
Jen {The Pesky Pixie} Comment by Jen {The Pesky Pixie} on Wednesday

*applauds* well said my dear!


I too have gotten tired of being level headed with things.  A few of my friends have been deleted because of their flat out ignorance to other people's beliefs.  They would tag me about keeping God in the Pledge (umm did you not pay attention in History?) or tag me for other christian things.  What makes matters worse is some of those friends *know* I'm's just plain out rude.


anyways, like you, I just get wayyy too overheated when people just assume everyone around them is just like them, or everything that's not like them is always evil or the Devil...


-End Pissed off Pixie Rant-


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