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Yes, Ladies and Gents!  It's that time again. Mercury Retrograde, starts today and will go direct 2/11/15.

Now if I recall correctly. The last time I blogged about the Mercury Retrograde, I was undecided, if I wanted to shake Hermes hand or to punch him in the face.

Well, let's just say we had a couple of fire side chats since the last posting, that I no longer want to punch him in the face. Actually, I see him now, more like....hmmm... a Sage behaving like a Court Jester in his Retrograde state.

Today, I would like to recap on a few things that I learned from the past Retrograde. Granted. I don't claim to have all the answers, but I do hope to give others a place to start looking for further understanding of their personal relationship with Mercury Rx, and how it may affect them.

I compiled a list, in which I think may contribute to a stronger influence being felt at the Mercury Rx. This list is based off of what I found in my own Natal Chart - since I seem to have all the classic symptoms.

But before I delve into my 'Top 5 Hit List'. I would like to take a moment to share some other insights that came about during our 'fireside chats. In which I think it would be helpful in putting Mercury Rx, in a more proper, less apprehensive perspective.

Now, Mercury Rx really isn't anything new. Nor is he the only planet that goes Retrograde. His Rx has become the most predominate though; where all eyes are on him. Primarily due to us being so reliant on modern technology: communication and travel, which he is Lord over.  But know, he is going through his cycle just like the sun, moon and earth does. Although we sometimes cannot see the grandeur scheme of all his trickery; rushing around and hurrying. We don't always appreciate the interruptions, when things veer off it's course and seem to be moving sluggish. However, his purpose is still an ever needed one, just like Winter is to Summer.

On thing to note is: to go against the grain of Mercury Rx energy, is to run head first into turbulence. It's a time to mellow down. Laugh more, and stop being so serious. Stop being in such a hurry. It's a time to get to things that you've been putting off. A time of forgiveness and reconciliation. A time of reflection. Mercury will force a break, like it or not, so we can have a break, and take a moment to drink some chamomile tea and just muse. Granted, in this hectic world, we can all use some more of that.

The biggest revelation however, has been fathoming the massive scale of what his Lordship entitles. Mercury is Lord over just about anything that moves. Words move. Prayers move. Spirit moves. Energy moves. Psychic moves. Just thinking, is movement. It's not limited to just tangible things we can touch, hear or see; like cars, phones, computers, communications and messaging systems, concepts where we all can acknowledge and agree upon. Which means Mercury Rx can adversely affect other areas; psychic, spirit and energy. With that being said, it doesn't mean to stop everything that you are doing during his Rx state. It just means be more conscious with yourselves, what you are doing or asking and the time that you are doing it, and learn ways to be more proactive about it, and to be patient through it.

Now, unto the compiled list of what to look for, that may be contributing to a stronger influence with Mercury. This will involve delving into your Natal Chart, and astrology for further analysis.  Knowing your exact birth time, is greatly beneficial.

There's a few online sites for birth charts. I prefer using this one here.

The Top 5 Hit List

Things to look for:

- If your sun sign is Gemini or Virgo. Both signs are ruled by the planet Mercury.  Take cusps into consideration.

- If you were born during a Mercury Rx, in it's pre-shadow or after shadow phase - the closer to the Rx the more intense. You can find the dates of all the past Mercury Rxs here.

- Double whammy, if you were born during a Mercury Rx, in it's pre-shadow or after shadow phase and it was in Virgo or Gemini.

- If your 3rd House; The House Of Communication (which is ruled by Mercury), has either one or a combination of Virgo, Gemini and/or the planet Mercury in it. 

- If you have intercepted signs of Gemini or Virgo or the planet Mercury in your Natal chart. You can read more about  intercepted signs here.

Other Things To Observe

- Another thing that you can look at is to find what house Mercury is sitting in your Natal Chart. It may provide a clue to what areas of your life the Mercury Rx would be affecting. If you're real observant with previous Mercury Rxs, you may notice there's only one area of life that it's affecting.

- Also, you can look at what sign Mercury Rx is currently in. For example Mercury Rx is in Aquarius, then go back and refer to your Natal Chart to what House Aquarius is in. This may provide a clue in how the Mercury Rx may affect a specific area in your life during this the current Retrograde.

What You Can Do

- There's been suggestions on ways to counteract the affects of a planetary influences, if it appears dominate in a House or area's in ones Natal Chart. In the case of Mercury, it's suggested to look to where Jupiter is sitting and work towards that, to counteract Mercurial influences, if they are in a bad positions.

- Hindu or Vedic astrology. There are mantras that can be chanted to petition a planet for mercy, kindness and it's favor, again, if it's in a bad position.

In Closing

Hopefully, this has inspired you to really go take a gander into your own natal chart, and see if it holds any clues in how Mercury Rx may be affecting you and possibly how to curve it's adverse influences. In order to come up with your own rituals, spells, mantras, ect. I know I have a few ideas to experiment with, but that's another post!

More importantly, be vigilant with observing how things are trending for you during the Mercury Rx. Sometimes answers are hidden in the stars. You just have to look up.

So there is a plus to the Mercury Retrograde after all. For without his repetitive and constant interference. I would have never ventured in all that I have shared here with all of you.

Thanks for reading!

May we all have a gentle ride.


- Flammeous

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Comment by Natalia Feñix on January 25, 2015 at 17:03

Really enlightening, Thank you!

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