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Self doubt, skepticism, denial, fear, overexertion, impatience and being too serious will all work against you in mastering psychic empathy (or any other psychic ablitity for that matter).

There are three milestones that every empath needs to reach before becoming more controlled. As far as how long it takes will vary from person to person, depending on how much resistance, fear and impatience there is, but don't despair, give up or stress yourself too much in this achievement. It will come in due time, if you are practicing awareness.

The Three Milestones

1. Being consciously aware and to accept/acknowledge that you are an empath.
2. Being consciously aware and accept/acknowledge it can be controled.
3. A Strong will and belief in yourself.

The Fine Art of Detachment

If you find yourself in a heated or stressful situation, STOP what you are doing and THINK quickly. Rewind the scene in your mind, and recall how you were feeling PRIOR to this situation. Where you happy, calm or relaxed? Then all of the sudden overwhelmed in anger? You may have just taking on board the other persons feelings. An empath who is unconscious of this may not even know. That's why awareness is the key.

When you stop and think, and analyze the emotion as not being yours. It can be released with a simple act of affirming that these are not your feelings. This mental act detaches you from the *mix up* that occurs in taking on someone else's emotion. You can also include a physical gesture along with affirming, such as shaking your hands or flicking your fingers as if you were washing something off you and/or you can pierce your lips to *blow* the feeling away.

Turn It On/Off

Some empaths do have a problem with shielding because they feel *cut off*. It is strongly advised that basic shielding is put into practice because it will and can lead to more advanced methods of programming a shield. But for those who do feel this way, here is another technique.

- Close your eyes
- Invoke the name of your guide/master/diety
- Take a deep breath
- State the specific intention to either shut off or reduce
  the volume of empathy
- Take several short breaths to come back to reality

Sponge In Some Music

Empaths are highly sensitive to music. As a matter of fact, an empath selects their music depending on how they feel. This aspect can be greatly used to your advantage in various ways. In a funky mood or one that may not be your own? Turn on some of your favorite sing-a-long, dance-along or relaxing tunes. In a crowded environment such as work and or even shopping? If possible, take an ipod along. Of course not too much can effect you having your ears plugged up in the first place, but even when those earplugs are removed to deal with a disgruntle boss and/or co-worker or that rude cashier at the grocery store, it's not so easy *to pick up* these emotions. You have essentially soaked in positive vibrations/energy as if it boosts your shield. Being a sponge isn't so bad, if you utilize it to YOUR advantage.

30 Second Aura Cleansing/Sealing

Briskly rub your hands together until they start to tingle. If you pull yours hands slightly apart you will feel a pull to draw them back together. Now take your hands and starting from your crown, gently clean your aura with a soft sweeping motion apx. 3 inches away from your skin. Do your head, neck, chest, each arm, and each leg and foot. . Then do a sweeping motion from the top of your head to the ground, first on your front and then on your back. Repeat as needed. Shake your hands out when finished.

The Finger Interlock Technique

To begin this technique, simply bring together the tips of your thumb and middle finger of each hand to form two circles. Then, bring your hands together to form interlocking circles while envisioning your body enveloped in a bright sphere of impenetrable energy. Finally, relax your hands and simply affirm, "I am now energized and fully protected." This simple, inconspicuous technique requires only seconds and can be used almost any time or place. With practice, you can use the finger interlock gesture alone as a cue to instantly activate the effects of the full procedure.

This is primarily used with encounters of psychic vampires, but can be used for instant shielding with a simple self-programmed gesture.


Another effective method that can come in handy when dealing with a specific person dumping emotional energy on you and or even in a crowded room, is to cross your legs and arms as a physical shield.

Recommended Crystals

By holding or wearing a gemstone necklace / stone / bracelet, they can help by dissolving negative emotions and replacing them with positive energy.

These gemstones need to be cleanse prior to using and should be cleanse periodically or daily if wearing.

You can also make elixirs as a spray. Carry a small spray bottle with you to spray yourself to rid of negative energy.

Aquamarine – helps you adapt to any harsh vibrations in your surroundings

Black Tourmaline – psychic protection (when necessary) – a good stone to carry with you when you are out in crowded areas or if someone is intentionally sending negative energy your way. Acts as a buffer from the physic bombardment.

Smokey Quartz - keeps you grounded if you start to “space out” or feel panicky e.g. in crowds etc. – also good for bringing spiritual energies down through the chakras so that they can be grounded and acted on.

Hematite - Offers protection and aborbs negative energy. Also a good grounding stone.

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Dog Comment by Dog on January 26, 2011 at 1:17pm

I think this answers alot of questions for me!

I have never before realized that I may be an Empath before now, but i now realized that i always have.

I have always just dismissed it as that I am just a person who is far too sensitive, and tried to cope best i can, but with this helpful post, things become much clearer for me, and most of all, that there are ways to help me with it!


Thank you very much :)

Amrita Comment by Amrita on January 25, 2011 at 2:20pm
nice post and very well written :)
Katarina Ana ( panther woman) Comment by Katarina Ana ( panther woman) on January 25, 2011 at 11:41am
Ive has some interesting experiances with the use of Hematite.I used to wear jewlry to work made of it.Without ffail after wearing it to work it would shatter.That place was truely a magnet for negativity.I was actually happy when they let me go.Its not worth puting yourself in unhealthy pshychic envirments,especial if you are an empath.
lilgem (love) Comment by lilgem (love) on January 24, 2011 at 1:54pm
this is pretty good use thank you i will keep this in mind

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