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The Psychic Empath

The analogies of those who are empathic are described as being a psychic sponge and/or their psychic is always *on*. In other words the door to an empaths psychic seems to be always left open.

Just as it depletes energy to leave a light or applicance always on, so too having ones psychic always on is a depletion of personal energy. You would not leave your house door left open for anyone to come in. So it is when a psychic door is left continually open, an invitation for any unwanted energies to creep in.

Even though having empathy is an overall admiral human characteristic possesed by the majority to some reasonable extent. It is however, in the case of the empathic, counter productive to always remain open, therefore exposing oneself to just about anything. It inevitably leads in the decline of personal well being, manifesting in forms such as stress, feeling drained, depression, headaches and other mental and phsycial related ailments.

With that being said, it emphasizes the importance of being proactive with this awareness. By incoroportating some common spiritual practices into ones daily routine.

Daily Practices

Even though the suggestion here is daily, these practices are usually done by some, as needed. Daily would be considered a good goal to strive for.

Please note that the following are typically combined all in one routine/ritual, sometimes done through meditation. For example the Releasing, Cleansing and Grounding can be essentially viewed as achieving the same thing and therefore can be combined. However, placing a emphasis on Releasing as a serperate catogory, for such a practice can be applied anywhere at anytime and is very benefical within itself.

Releasing: This is not only good for releasing unwanted energy if and onced identified but is also good for the empath to learn to find constructive ways to release their own emotions. Being that some empaths fall into this generalized category of being too sensitive, over emotional and reading more into things. That some are more prone to hold their own feelings in order to avoid the stigma that follows of it being unappropriate and/or unacceptable to show. In turn some empaths appear as introverts, withdrawn and detached from feeling, but in reality they may be harboring a lot of emotions, creating the perfect conditions for ill health. Find constructive ways to express your own emotions. Be it fellowship with others who are empathic, talking to an understanding friend, journal writing, art and/or even a ritual in releasing these emotions.

Cleansing: Everyone can most certainly benefit in attending to their auric hygiene. If not just equally important to the empath, but even greater because they are more intuitive and sensitive to these energies and have the tendency to take them on board. Spiritual cleaning will remove all of this unwanted debre that is stuck within your auric field that surrounds you, which may be one factor that contributes to moodiness and/or mood swings. Water, salt, candles, smudging, bathing/showering with corresponding cleansing herbs and crystals and/or visualized meditations are all your friends here in helping to achieve this. Do your research on cleansing and find a method that suits and works for you.

Grounding: The reasoning why empaths experience what they do is because they are not grounded. Meaning that their etheric body just kinda floats around like a ship that isn't anchored, that just drifts, in this case, with the current of energy. Some signs of being ungrounded are: dizziness, daydreaming, feeling *spaced out*, feeling sick, clumsiness, forgetfulness, arguing and unable to get your point across, just to name a few. Using grounding as a tool will help you to remain more focused, provide an increase of balance and stability in your physical and emotional state, strength, acceptance, and allows for an easier release of energy. A quick and efficient technique is to imagine you have great long sturdy roots coming from the base of your feet like a tree (which should remain flat on the floor during the visualisation), or, from the base of your spine if you are sitting directly on the floor. Just let these roots go right down in to the earth below and let them anchor you onto the earth.

Shielding: Empaths seem to be conductors of emotional energy. Their own physic vibrates at a higher frequency, being more intutitive than average and thus a magnetic in which these energies gravitate towards. Left unprotected, it is essentially leaving the door open and the biggest contributor of feeling drained, irritable, being easily influenced, feeling other people's emotions and experiencing physical ailments. Give yourself permission to close this door when needed and practice shielding, keeping unwanted influences out to maintain a sound mind and body. A good basic exercise is to imagine you are sitting in an egg of light. The base of the egg is sitting just below the floor and surround yourself in this egg by a lovely protective colour of gold, silver, white, violet or blue. Make sure that your eggshell is solid so that no negative energy can penetrate it and no negative thoughts/emotions from others will be allowed in. Most importantly believe that it's there. There are advance methods of shielding, which are basically more imaginative in the substance of shield along with more programming what it can do, however master the basic shield first before attempting more advanced methods.

Reinforcing Shield: As with anything, over time it eventually wears including shields. Depending on the situation and/or environment, a bombardment of negative energy will wear down any shield. That's why it is suggested that this be a daily practice. However, if you find yourself in a large crowd and start experiencing signs of being unshielded, if possible a quick visualized fix may be in order to reinforcing shielding.

Repeat:  Daily or as needed. Use your intuition in what works best for you.

Mastering Empathy = Awareness

The following points are all layers of awareness. Paying more attention and being consciencely aware are the prime ingredients in becoming more controled. Having a reflective moment over daily and past occurrences and/or journaling about it can reveal some useful insights that can be used to your advantage in mastering empathy.

Types of Empaths: Even though empaths share a common denominator of extrasensory feeling, not all experience it the same way. Some can be just as projective in feeling just as they are receptive to it. Some experience physical aliments such as, headaches or nausea. While others it's just a knowing or a gut feeling. Still yet, some are more sensitive to only certain feelings such as anger, love or pain. Constant and reflective observations with a little research can help you identify this.

Intuition:  Because empaths are highly intuitive. Attention needs to be giving to that gut feeling, that inner knowing and/or that small voice. Intuition is much like internal divination. It is there as a guide and can essentially aid you in developing methods to control or cope with empathy, if you trust and listen to it. You can ask about a room, a space, a person, a mood, releasing, cleansing, grounding, shielding methods and just about anything.

Stimuli: This can be environment, crowds, a person, music, television and even the internet. Since empaths are extremely sensitive to these energies (and even to loud noises/music and strong odors). Extra attention should be given in these things; to note personal reactions to such stimuli in order to map a course out how to deal with it and or to avoid if possible, with using intuition.

In Closing

This was solely a condensed introductory in ways empaths can learn to control/cope with their empathy. A lot rests upon the individual to practice the suggestions here with a certain amount of patience. If something is not understood, then please feel free to ask questions.

On another note. I am aware that there may be some questionable and even debatable terminology within this essay and will go on to personally suggest that maybe Clairsentience might be a more suitable word? I also do acknowledge that a certain amount of scientific study has been done on empathy and I will leave in closing only to do your research.

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