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Here's one of those things that I've found in my purging of papers. I have no other information about where I got it from or who wrote it, other than it was written by "Dawn". I've preserved the capitalization and spelling from the way I wrote it down:


January did bring to me

a Key to Unlock the Mystery.

February’s Gales did Bring,

Lore and Learning on the Winds.

March came with other Needs,

rising up with Oestre’s seeds.

April Rainers brought more than Water

Mother’s Childe, I, her Daughter.

Come Merry May and Morris Men,

the Dance leads back to Whence Began.

In June was felt the Eternal Hour,

all Betwixt the Golden Flowers.

July brought Dame Aletheia,

Her Truth, For all Eternity.

August, Month Noir, Ah Quite Bleak,

Was I so Sure for What I did Seek?

September, All Wrongs were Righted

Rest and Peace ere were Sighted.

October Gales brought Spirits Old,

Friends, Lovers crossed Thresholds.

November’s Leaves Spun to the Earth,

leaving Fallen sorrow in their Dearth.

Riddle Me This during Misrule’s Nights,

What Journeys take to Raven’s Flight?


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