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First of all let me explain, I am not an Initiate of a real life coven per-say and the little glimpse that I have been blessed to acquire, is coming from My Lady Mentor who places me at her right hand in helping her manifest her vision of transforming her online group to the likes of a Coven because of my tech skills.  She is a Crone, Initiate and Teacher in her own real life Coven/Temple for many decades now and has earned her Crown. She is legit, the real deal and I've known her for many years now and we regularly converse on the phone. This ain't no fly by night person, someone whom I just meet, who is inexperienced and just wants to up and run a online Coven to fulfill some fanciful ideals of Witchdome.


So basically what I know, is only to what My Lady has shared with me; training me in order that I have this understanding, so I can then take her ideals and bring virtual life to them.  I am nothing more than her magic computer genie, her wish is my command.  


My Lady, has placed me at the helm of many things.  One is being Gatekeeper.  I have been given a seat in the process of new members/applicants.  Which according to her Coven Tradition requires an application to be filled out and returned within a proper time frame, for all those who are interested in joining.  This is not an unusual request in joining a Coven.


I have been place in such of a position, not solely for the use of my intuition but because of my technical know how and that's why My Lady choose me to be included in this process.


It is my responsibility to send out applications to interested candidates that were invited.  I must say, that the amount of applications that I send out, a very small percentage if even that, bothers to return it.


Yes, I do understand the purpose of this process, but never less, it still gets my goat every time I send out an application and hear nothing back.  I can't help to think what may be going through these individuals mind's once they lay eyes upon our application. Is it too much work?  It is too personal?  Are they just too good to answer these questions?  Or is this just silly?  All the while wasting my time, because I do have a life too, you know.  Along with My Lady Mentor keeping me fairly busy with other business as well.  We are not asking for bank account information, social security numbers, address or anything extremely personal.  It's simply a way of getting to know you, because we know nothing about you.  A good example of what you should do and expect when joining a Coven is found here:


This is standard procedure!  So what's the problem?  Not only will they not gain access to My Lady's online Coven, but no other Coven will give them the time of day either.  Well then good riddance I say to those who want something for nothing!


Yet despite my gripes, I am humble before the Traditionalists and Coven Elders/Initiates here to say; that my second-hand knowledge and small experience in Coven workings gives me no grounds to truly bitch and rant about this, however even with my slight understanding, boy do I ever sympathize and will continue to support and give respect to you all!




p.s If by chance I have spoken on things that should not, then I will edit and/or remove this blog entry, if it is deemed so.


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Comment by Flammeous {De Empress} on April 5, 2011 at 8:22

@ Gabrielle, this is a *forming* of an online coven that *stemmed* from an established group. To rephrase, it has been an online group for half a decade and has remained a *online group* through two sites moves, but a little after moving the site for a third time the Owner (My Lady) wished to run it as a online Coven for those Seekers that do not live close to a real life Coven. 


Very few members that had followed My Lady, had a problem with the change, however the majority supported the idea.  So thus, I think it's best to say this online Coven is still *forming*, although it originally started and was ran as only a online group.  Those who did follow, from site, to site, are just a small fraction of the membership from when it was created.  


The basics of the application is this:  Birth name (optional), Name they will use in registering with the online Coven, DOB and Email address.  A preliminary part with a written statement answering the question: "What do you think it means being part of a Coven?"  Then questions such as; Why do you want to practice witchcraft?  Describe any prior experiences with Witchcraft/Magick or Ritual.  Prior religious afflictions. Describe your understanding of Wicca/Witchcraft.  Can you participate in Coven rules/procedures?  Do you have any limitations in reading or typing?  Do you have any limitations that may keep you from the Coven?  Are you currently taking any medications?  Do you have regular access to the internet?  Can you commit to calling or emailing Staff to make any commitments required by them?  Are you able to dedicate time to weekly posting & responding?  Can you take direction well?  Are you able to receive feedback and constructive criticism?  Can you commit to not indulge in alcohol or drugs while online with the Coven?  Are you able to make changes in your personal life that may be hindering personal growth?  Can you commit to reading and writing requirements?  Can you commit to memorizing rituals?  Do you have access to a telephone?  Do you have any gifts that you can share with the Coven?  


The completed application is to be returned back within three days of receiving it.


Many of the questions are geared towards, participating online, with classes and lessons structured as a Coven.  We are also a mix of different paths all at different levels of experience.  


Pleeeze don't beat me up over the questions, I simply do not know first hand what it is that should be asked and also I did not write this application, it's just for me to hand out.  Although if this could be made better, I'm all ears, I want to help if I can.


So I really would appreciate any feedback and suggestions that you may have.  What would you add?  What would you take out?  Is having three days to return the application back in, too short of a time?  


Thanks so much!



Comment by Gabrielle Cleary on April 4, 2011 at 8:10

Sorry, I'm a bit confused. Is the form that people are filling out for a real life coven, or an online coven? Also, are you part of the real world group or the online group, and is the online group established or forming.


Also do you have a link or file upload of the questionnaire, maybe we could look at it and give some pointers or something.


Comment by Flammeous {De Empress} on April 2, 2011 at 18:08

Talia and Aislynn, you both are so right..thank you.  


I will keep reminding myself these points and not let it bother me so much. :) 

Comment by Talia on April 2, 2011 at 14:54



 You have to look at the whole process as a labor of love to begin with. Secondly you have to see all as a screening process. Only a fraction of those that respond will ever get an invite to the front door and then only a fraction of them will be actual members. It is far better the earlier they figure it out because that means you save time/effort/sweat...etc...etc.  SW, SW, SW...NEXT...Some will, Some Won't, So what...NEXT!


I agree with you Aislynn...They have to find you, they have to do the the dedication because we can't do it for them.



Alexandrian HPs

Comment by Aislynn on April 2, 2011 at 11:20

I kind of love you for posting this.  While I only run a study circle and not a coven, I've found this to be entirely true.  I get about three emails a day about the circle (most people ask about my "coven" which tells me that they haven't read a word of the posting or website we have online for their perusal or even thought for two seconds about the name of my circle -- The Circle of Solitaries) to which I respond promptly.  And of those 15 or so emails a week, I might get one in return, usually with simply, "Oh, I thought you were a coven".  


If and when I do find someone who actually wants to join the group that we have, most of them act suspicious of the interview process we have.  I'm sorry, again I know we're not a coven, but we meet in my freakin' home!  I'm not going to give some stranger from the internet my address without at least meeting them first!  I'm not crazy!  Plus, our study circle is a bit more demanding than others I've seen, and I need to make sure they can handle that and won't back out after the first or second meeting.


Finally, the one thing I have learned from this is that people have to do the work.  I'm not necessarily talking about answering questions or returning emails (though that's nice too), I'm talking about finding the group.  Granted my group isn't nearly as difficult to find as some covens since we're on witchvox,, a local networking site, and several other sites that allow advertising for groups, but they do have to find you.  Sending out invitations to people you know either in person or by word of mouth doesn't work, even if you think they are perfectly suited to your group.  (I'm not necessarily saying this is what you were doing, just finishing my rant.)  Though I would jump at the chance of a group being dumped in my lap that was suited to me, apparently not everyone would.  And I think that has a lot to say about the work ethic of some Pagans.  If they were not able to put in the five minutes to look through witchvox group profiles, they will definitely not put in the twenty minutes to answer some questions or even the minute or two it takes to return an email.




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