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The other day I went to Half Price Book store and low and behold I find this little lovely sitting in the clearance book section for only a dollar!  Ya me!  And giving thanks to Beorc for my recent interest in Runes. ;)





The Gods must either really love me or know that I am very thrifty *that's a cushion word for cheap*.  For I am forever running into some awesome deals on whatever my interest is in at the time.  Note:  I am realistic and know that I am not going to learn runes in 10 minutes!







About a week ago a friend of mine was cleaning out their apartment, getting ready to move and brought me this.











Don't know how good any these books are, for I am reading something else at the moment.  I hope it's not one of those cases, you get what you paid for scenario's. 


So when you are in the clearance section or at a thrift store browsing books.  Keep your eyes peeled because I have sited many Occult books resting on the shelves at both places.  Understand it is a hit or miss kinda of thing, but you may never know unless you take the time to really look.  






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