Or maybe how I get answers???


There has been something on my mind since the discovery of my high school sweetheart on FB this past Sunday.  He was more than just that, we were engaged.  We even went so far as purchasing wedding rings and obtaining a marriage license.  Yes, at the tender age of 18yrs old.  Needless to say that maybe not getting married so young was probably the best thing for both of us.


We went steady for apx. 2 yrs.  When we went our separate ways, I wasn't so crushed as maybe I should have been.  I think that's because I somehow seen it coming.


So now, I'm doing a lot of reflection......seeing now what I didn't see or want to see then.


I was a spoiled, childish and bossy brat to my ex boyfriend/fiancée.  I think the only remedy for this was to just grow up.  My domineering personality, paired with a passive and sweet guy was probably one good reason for him taking the advice of his family.  To date around before settling down with his first girlfriend, being me.  His family seen I was more than overbearing and they vocalized their concerns plenty because they cared.  I would have probably told him the same thing if I were in their shoes.


I didn't harbor too much ill-feelings then and still don't now.  I don't think he does either.  After all he did show up to a lunch date with me, years after the initial break up.  All that I can remember from that, being it was 15 yrs ago, was only to catch up on how things were going for the both of us and it didn't end up being a disaster, however this was the last time seeing him.


Well that was until this Sunday.


Now, I'm debating to contact him or not.  To drop a line saying Hi and asking him how things have been after all this time.  I mean, we did get quite serious with one another.  Then on the other hand, I feel that maybe I should leave well enough alone.


Of course by now, I am wanting and seeking guidance and in trying to be very honest with myself and my intentions, I started to ask myself such questions like:  What would be the point? and If I could only say one last thing to him what would that be if he never responded back? and To whom that would really benefit me or him?


Well, if there was one last thing I could say to him it would be all the above and I honestly felt the cards could fall either way as far as my admittance of err would be beneficial for him or not.  This I simply did not know.


So all day yesterday, until I crawled into bed.  I mentally rehearsed what I would write to him. Thinking also it might be good to consult some form of divination, to help determine how I should proceed.


Well, I think I got an answer, this morning waking up.  This song (the chorus) was in my head.  Btw, I don't listen to the radio, wasn't awoken by a radio alarm, and didn't even have a clue that it was Timbaland who sang this song until I looked it up.  Which goes to show how much I'm up to speed on things.  So this I know, was way out in left field for me.  Is it a coincidence that I was seeking an answer if it would be good to contact (and apologize) to my Ex or not and this song was placed in my mind?


This also falls in line how I usually get answers when I am wanting to know something (in my dreams, upon waking, random songs stuck in my head)  I think in this case, this is a very clear message.  I should leave well enough alone and chock this up as coming about as a much needed reflection for me.




So I leave this post with what I learned. 

Ladies treat you man as sweet as candy, if not, you may be pushing them into the arms of another girl who does.

Same goes for the men.









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Comment by Daniel O'Neill (Cat wrangler) on February 22, 2011 at 19:25
Dem say I Sista. Let the Past sleep wit de Angels Say I .
Comment by Jen {Teh Pixie} on February 22, 2011 at 19:02

Wow, just wow, this kinda opened my eyes a bit.


I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years now, he's the love of my life and can't even imagine life without him.  My parents adore him and my sister gets along great with him (which is a bonus for me).  When we first started dating everything was like a movie, he took my breath away, swept me off my feet, showered me with gifts...and then we hit a giant cement wall reinforced with steel (and no I'm not exaggerating!) We're still working on taking down that wall and getting passed it, but he's still the only one for me.


We are complete polar opposites.  I'm loud/obnoxious/in everybody's business (I'm very friendly :) )/always with my family.  He's very quiet/to himself/private (very very private)/likes to do things on his own (sometimes he won't tell me what he's up to and I'm fine with it).  He gets me and that's whats so great.  Before I met him (well him finding me on Match.com lol!) I heard Nickelback's "Gotta Be Somebody" I was really down, couldn't find the right guy...he was there the whole time.  Shortly after our first date I heard Staind "All I want" and I dropped what I was doing and looked for the song to play to Dave.  We both looked at each other and were like "this is our song"


Anyways long story short, it's funny how music randomly plays something that you need to hear, regardless of who's singing or what the song is, the lyrics are what you need to hear.


Thanks for posting this hun!





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