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Okay,where to even start.


For some time now i have studied,practiced,and walked my path with honest intentions and good deeds. i try to live a good life,help others,and be there when i can,but sometimes,ya gotta cut things loose.


Im gonna go back say,four years ago,to a 16 year old who had lost faith in himself,the world,and everything around him.


When i first dedicated myself(Wasnt long after sobbering up that i did)To the path i walk now,i thought to myself, "Hey,i heard sometimes people take a new name,to mark there new-found path/knowledge/whatever,so i want one too,to mark my decision." Well,needless to say,the end result of much name finding was this:




It rang true,it felt energetic,it seemed to fit me,as my friend once told me that im a firm grounded person in my beliefs,and i dont change for no one,plus,i honestly like nature.


I should have stuck with it,but didnt. Overtime,other names,have come and gone,some obvious,others not so,others confusing(Poor Strata,you wanted to kill me for the recent name change,lol.). But looking back,im starting to see that the above bolded name has always been there,hiding underneath,waitting for me to embrace it once more,to finally realize that its meant for me,as i stated before,it felt....RIGHT to me.


i know this all sounds familiar,as we all have gone through name searches,and if you know me well enough,i changed my name almost on a weekly basis(not good). But im finally laying down the groundwork of rededicatting myself,as i have slacked off,been naughty,and abused certain aspects of my path,and i think that finally having my original name will give me peace of mind and heart,allow me to see how far i had come on my path,and look at what needs to be changed,what needs to remain,and what needs to be thrown out,so to speak.


Thank you guys all for the help you have given me,for putting up with me thus far,and i hope to enjoy more lovelyness here with you all on RP.


Shout outs to:











Eruandil,for playing with my mind,lol(Always i enjoy talking to you)

Aine,for reminding me how naive i once was,and still can be,lmao.

Aislynn,for the youtube blogs and posts,as i have learned much from actually watching them.You should be proud of the wisdom you have shared with them,and the lives who have received them.


There are many more souls who are worthy to be on this list,and you know who you are,lmao. Thanks for everything you guys.


Blessed Be.


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Ron(Fortuna Reclaimed) Comment by Ron(Fortuna Reclaimed) 1 day ago

Thank you guys for the comments!


I do thank myself for being a seeker,for listening,and applying the wisdom i gained in my life,and i thank you guys for putting up with me,lmao.


Krysti.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶* Comment by Krysti.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶* 1 day ago
That is such a wonderful post Ron.  And unexpected :) And I agree with Lark, that none of this could be happening if you weren't true to yourself.
Lark Comment by Lark on January 11, 2011 at 11:07am
Why thank you, Ron.  But truly you need to thank yourself as well.  None of us could have helped you if it weren't for the fact that you were willing to listen, to learn, and to do the hard inner work necessary to bring you to this place.
Incantis L'huayk Comment by Incantis L'huayk on January 11, 2011 at 7:34am
Good writing! It's a shame more people don't read blogs though, cuz this one is good!

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