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Get in there.


You know you've wanted to for a long time. You've been toying with it, talking about it, writing about it, thinking about it. Whatever it is you want to do, there is no reason not to, and every reason to do so.


At 8 pm, I could feel the Rolling Thunder of the Octavo Working pass overhead. In it, I could taste excitement, nervousness, elation and a sense of finally doing it. I wanted help in this not just for the power, but because magic is a way of making those good wishes you send out to people real. Palpable. I wanted help because I'm surrounded by amazing people, who would give so much of themselves to help me, if only they had an outlet.


Whether what you do is witchcraft, sorcery, devotional or whatever, do that thing. Not even for me, specifically. But there is no greater joy in the world to me than people getting their hands dirty doing what it is their spirits have called them to do forever, but they've never quite managed to get up the nerve, the know-how, the internal permission to just do it.


Throw care and concern to the wind. It's a binding that holds your wings too close to your body. Stretch out your wings, feel the pull of the updraft of your soul's desire, and make the leap into it. It doesn't matter if you "don't know how." You do. You'll refine your technique, you'll discover things that work for you and ones that don't. We all do, but not until we actually DO it.


This is a soul-deep vocation, one that defines us, that refines us, that utterly transforms us. It's the Houdini trick of the lifetime, only the vessel we have to escape from is built of Fear and filled with Doubt. The biggest act of magic you'll ever perform is slipping free of those bonds, and discovering the limitless wonder that awaits you in the rest of the world.


It will be one of the hardest things you ever to, to move from someone who thinks about doing magic, who maybe lights candles and incense now and again for prayer and meditation, to being someone who reaches out with every desire they have coiled in their souls, and reaches into the Heart of Creation itself, to take your proper place as one of the co-creators of All That Is.


Get in there. Get your hands dirty. It'll be the best gift you ever gave yourself.

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Seren Haf Comment by Seren Haf 18 hours ago
This post really speaks to me Oak, I've been mulling something over and your post has really helped
Julica Comment by Julica 19 hours ago
*clicks like*
Jennifer Renee Comment by Jennifer Renee 23 hours ago

"The biggest act of magic you'll ever perform is slipping free of those bonds, and discovering the limitless wonder that awaits you in the rest of the world."

Oak...your words truly resonate with me...although I have decided not to practice magic in the traditional sense I do believe that I have it within  me and can discover it in many different paths, but most especially the path within my own soul...Thank you for such lovely words and for that extra nudge I need to push me further!



Ron(Fortuna Reclaimed) Comment by Ron(Fortuna Reclaimed) 1 day ago

Awesomeness,this radiates it!


another excellent post Oak.

Duir,of endurance and faith Comment by Duir,of endurance and faith 1 day ago
This,this is power.  Love you Oak.
Miss Nel (Spacious Feline) Comment by Miss Nel (Spacious Feline) 1 day ago
First Thought: Mmmmm, David Bowie.

Second Thought: Oh, that nearly made me cry.

Third Thought: I need to listen to this.

Thankyou for posting yet another great post, Oak. You continue to be an incredible source of inspiration, and this post happened to be axactly the thing I needed to read today. =) You magnificent creature you.
Shawn Comment by Shawn 1 day ago

This is a great post, Oak :)   I think it should apply to things outside of magic as well... if you're stopping yourself from doing something that you really want to, do so!!  (within reason, lol.)


And so you know, I wouldn't have discovered my love of Hoodoo if not for Yoodoo, and my house wouldn't be filled with candles and smelling like hoodoo all the time :)

MJ Comment by MJ 1 day ago

What an inspiring post Oak!

May all that read it gather their own strength, take the chance, and remember what it was like to make mud pies....To be willing to forgo the limitations they may have placed upon themself and reach beyond. Be willing to step off the curb into the muddy waters, and remember what it was like to splash in the puddles made by a new rain.....Totally inspiring, and what a memory of taking that chance the first time...

Hugs and Blessings MJ )O(

Strata Comment by Strata 1 day ago
Oak, you are epic win, and I love ya!
Sangraal Comment by Sangraal 1 day ago
Beautiful words, Oak, truly straight from the heart.

To coin a commercial slogan: Just Do It!

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