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Don't Believe Everything You Read On The Internet

Certain people have said this to me from time to time and I must confess that I didn't listen solely because it's hard to hear a good point under the guise of a sarcastic remark, in which the primary point of it being said was to shut me up or rile me up.  Needless to say, it didn't work too well for them (and for the record yes, I know I can be a stubborn brute at times).


Anyways, I suppose it doesn't matter 'who' said it and under 'what' pretenses it was said.  All in all; even if it pains me so to write this, but it's true.  Don't believe everything you read on the internet.  


Saturday, I ran across a blog post (not here *wink*) about dragons.  Now, I don't claim to know everything there is about dragons, all I know is: I have done my research too, via the internet however have yet to run across anything of the like such as the one I was reading at that moment and it also happens to not coincide with what I was taught about dragons either.


I'm going to pause here and come back to this momentarily.


What I was taught about dragons, made me reminiscent about the one who shared such knowledge.  It is only right for me to add that she was of Norse path to stick with my point of this blog however I wish to focus right now on her mysterious ways of teaching.  


If I had to write my thoughts on this Norse path teacher at this time of last year.  I would have said something along the lines of  'she is always on my ass'.  O' boy you better dot those 'i's', cross your 't's', avoid broad sweeping statements and cite your source/references in footnotes at the bottom of every post.  Of course this drove me insanely mad, having to defend or rephrase myself and to go back and retrace my steps as to where I got what from. At certain points I even thought she was 'out to get me' because she just didn't like me, for she was surely unrelenting in following me around the boards to check my every post.  It got to a point I just finally compiled but Not because I understood her point of all this.  Moreso, to keep her off my tail in finding discrepancies, in order for me to stay one step ahead and to avoid being put on the spot.  


I can now say I don't feel like this anymore.  That maybe...just maybe she was always on me because she thought I had some 'potential'..????


Now, back to this dragon blog post.  As I mentioned before it was nothing I have ever read.  Not even me calling myself 'scouring the internet' for dragon information have I ever ran across anything of the like and therefore I personally wanted to know the source of such information.  



This particular post did not state it source, was purely a copy and paste thing with no explanation from blogger/member as being a part of their path.  Nothing.  Nada.  Basically left on it's own it appears to be 'dragon information' and those who don't know, who take this post as a valued source of information and then well, of course will take it and run with it.   As to maybe what this person has done.


This is not to say that it was wrong information.  It is to say the internet is full of one-sided and bias information and here's why.


When I questioned the blogger/member what is the source of this dragon information.  I was told simply, that it was something they had in pdf file that they got off of a 'dragon site' and this is how they always believe of dragons to be.  With that being said, the response was insufficient and essentially dodged my question altogether.  So me a tad ornery now with a combination of maybe one too many cream sherry's went on my own search, heyl bent to find where this information came from.


Well, it took me 10 mins, tops to say the least and the source that it was copied from word to word was in fact taken from a Lightworker's website.


Ahhhhh!!  No wonder why I disagree.  I'm so totally not into the whole 'light and love' thing and don't even get me started on that.  Not too mention what I was taught and how I believe is that dragons are not all 'Puff the Magic Dragons' either.


After my find, I provided the link to where I found this particular article in question and stated that this is more of a Lightworker's view on dragon's and that's it.  Soon after, the blog has been removed.  What a shame really.  Maybe I have been a naughty witch for pointing that out?


Which brings me to my point(s).  Don't believe everything you read on the internet because there are many sites and/or blogs that present one-side, opinionated and bias information.  To post so-called information believed of a Lightworker or New Ager, without stating that's your path and or the source of information is mis-leading for the sake of the seeker.  Clearly a Lightworker's view of Dragons, differentiates from a Norse view, in which a Norse view will clearly differentiate from others and so-on and so-on.  That is why it's ever so important at the very least, to cite where these ideas/beliefs stem from because they are clearly two different views of the same thing.  It also helps minimize the amount of community backlash if presented and stated as such.


Gads!  Have I become like my teacher from long ago?


Wonder if she would be proud of me that this has finally sunk in after all this time?


I guess better late than never.


























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Ron(Fortuna Reclaimed) Comment by Ron(Fortuna Reclaimed) on January 11, 2011 at 2:01am
I find myself wondering the same thing time to time about how i was raised to believe certain things,and even how i began my roots in witchcraft. It surprises me to find that not everything i was taught was peachy keen,so to speak,and looking back on it all,im glad i have moved on in many ways since then.

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