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I haven't been very active on this page for some time. But i have been really active in putting my energy and thoughts in Paganism. 

I do not have much to spend, sometimes I can barely buy enough food. 

Sadly herbs and pagan tools can be quite expensive while most of it can be found around your living area, not to mention making your own tools.

So I've been scrolling through (Dutch pinterest) and Pinterest itself, finding all sorts of wonderful ideas and DIY stuff.  

So I started gathering herbs.

making my own tea's and my own smudge sticks.
Sage and Rosemary

One of my own ideas to make a leather bound BOS, went okay for the first time without any description in my opinion. I went to thrift shops and bought big old ugly leather clothes, tore then apart and kept the good pieces of leather. At a one dollar store I bought a glue gun  and a blank notebook.

First I'd draw the symbol I wanted on my BOS on the blank book, then with the glue gun I drew it again, let the glue hard out then put glue on the whole book and pressed the leather on it. Mine was meant to have the Tree of Life on the cover, but it's quite hard to draw with a glue gun.


At the moment I'm trying to make my own herb dryer in the form of a pentacle.

When that's finished I will post a picture of it.

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Comment by Holly Dittfurth on October 16, 2014 at 14:05

Good tips, and I must say I love how your book of shadows turned out.  It almost looks centuries old which is awesome! 

Comment by Ms. Witch(Sara) on October 15, 2014 at 0:14

I make my own smudge sticks as well out of lavender and mint. I recently learned how to dry herbs using the paper bad method from a video on you tube. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Great idea giving the old leather clothes new life!

Comment by Harobed on October 13, 2014 at 7:13

i make all my own things also dear.....I can recommend for smudge sticks bayberry ....4 protection ,sweet marjoram to thin the veil ...lavender straws for peaceful energies and lemon balm for a cheerful energy.  Also great BOS :)


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