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Desert Rose ........The Power Of Selenite

This winter my good friend Raven Moon gave me a desert rose ,well I was thrilled for that was a crystal I

had never owned.Its constant gentle energy over the winter made me long to have some to include in my

wreaths and baskets so the search was on! I found alot of them for sale so I waded through tons of sites before I bought ,looking for pretty ones at an affordable price.

Well they just arrived today and they are awsome!The whole lot was in cherry condition, most were larger than expected.They said a pound but it weighs a little heavier annnnd I had a couple of different stones as a surprize !

At the bottom of this page Im putting the link to the store because I was not only impressed with the quality of the crystals but also the wonderful clean energy.I cant tell you how many times I've gotten stones that had to be cleansed before bringing them into my home due to the funky energy of the past handlers .Not these!

So having said all that, for those of who are not familiar with the usage of these lovlies heres the inside scoop :)


Selenite is composed of hydrous calcium sulfate, its created from landlocked salt water, which has evaporated.

Even as a rock, its form is still related to water and can be used in any spell related to that element.It is found throughout Europe, Mexico, and the mines in the southwestern United States.

Selenite crystals (in any form) are one of the more powerful healing stones.They connect with the light body, or the higher spirit. It is said to exist between the material and the ethereal,which its delicate physical form represents. It is an extremely fragile healing crystal,one that is easily scratched. Although physically vulnerable, its metaphysical properties are amongst the strongest.The presence of selenite also helps to bring clarity of mind, helping an individual understand what may have been previously confusing or hidden in the subconscious.

For those who simply appreciate tranquil emotions, a peaceful atmosphere, and a greater connection with love, having a large selenite crystal in the home, or keeping one close, can be very beneficial.It can also be used to meditate on an individual's life purpose, and personal plan. Other metaphysical uses include scrying and astral projection.

Desert Roses are Lt. brown. Gently grounding; clarifies thinking and mental vision, perception. Quiets worry, brings out practicality and quiets the mind. Its used to access past/future lives, assists in bring material pursuits related to business. Provides flexibility to one's nature, strengthens decisions, align the spinal column and removes energy blockage. It helps stabilize epileptic disorders , and dissolves self imposed programs that have been running for too long. It releases the program and assists in finding an appropriate replacement.

To care for the actual physical stone, selenite crystals should be safely stored, wrapped in a non-abrasive fabric, such as silk or satin. For cleansing, do not soak selenite in salt water — this mineral is actually water soluble. Use another method, for example, a self-cleansing crystal, such as clear quartz. Be respectful of this beautiful metaphysical crystal, and find out what it has to offer!


Source info > Judy Hall "The Crystal Bible: A Definitive Guide to Crystals." (Godsfield Press, 2003).

I could not be happier with mine and will sing Starseed and Sufi's praises to any and all :)Any one looking for a good provider of crystals should check here first!

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Harobed Comment by Harobed on March 24, 2011 at 10:36am
I cant say enough good things about this book,Judy hall now has two "crystal Bibles " published mine is the older and I will have the new one as soon as I can.They are quite affordable I saw my version on amazon recently for under 15.00,these are wonderful reference books!
Lavender Comment by Lavender on March 24, 2011 at 10:32am
Thanks for posting that, I found a desert rose in my basement a while ago and couldn't find any info as detailed as this :) I'm going to have to get that book.

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