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Crown of Success & Saint Expedite Ritual

My brother had a job interview today to land a very nice Flash Programming/Web Cartoon job that comes with a $1,000 sign up check.  I wanted him to succeed.  Very, very badly, not only because he is my younger brother and I love him to death and want him to succeed and be happy, but because once he gets settled in there is an opening on an upcoming project and I would be 'in like sin' so to speak.


So, what do I do to offer my brother support and look after my own interests at the same time?  Well, duh.  I make a Crown of Success vigil candle, of course!


I used a plain, yellow glass-enclosed candle and smeared the top of it with my homemade Crown of Success Oil which includes the following ingredients:

White Sandalwood
Pyrite crumbles that I made by sticking a pyrite chunk in a sock and whacking with a hammer


Then I sprinkled the top of the candle with a mixture of:

Bay Leaves

Five-Finger Grass


Solomon's Seal Root

Peony Root

High John chip


I laid down a quincunx of Road Opener sachet powder and anointed my brother's signature paper with a quincunx of Crown of Success oil.


After I got that set up I anointed a little yellow petitioner candle and lighted it.


Next I wrote down my petition to Saint Expedite on a piece of paper, anointed it with St. Expedite oil and folded it towards myself, in half, rotated it 90 degrees clockwise and folded it again, then one last time for three total folds.  I got down on my knees and prayed for his intercession, offering him water, pound cake and flowers.  I snipped off some fresh Hollyhock flowers and set them in a vase as my initial offering.  Traditionally, you don't give him any water or pound cake until he does his work for you.  I like that idea:  you scratch my back, I give you pound cake...


Anyway.  The thing about Saint Expedite is that he can work fast.  I mean, REAL fast.  My brother's potential employer didn't beat around the bush and offer to call him back the next day, or Monday; no, he told him right on the spot that he was hired.  Wow.  Now THAT'S some good Mojo!  He called me about twenty minutes ago and let me know that he had the job and that I'll get shooed in later on when they start up the next project.

Shazaam!  Now I gotta go bake some pound cake, so if you'll excuse me... ;)

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Comment by Flammeous {De Empress} on May 27, 2011 at 6:18
That's awesome! :D

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