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Created a client candle for my best friend, Alli.  She has an online business that she's nurturing, and we decided to give it a little boost.


I dressed a green chime candle with Attraction Oil (Lucky Mojo) and rolled it in a mixture of freshly crushed cinnamon, Dragon's Blood powder and Five Finger Grass to attract both money and customers.  I also smeared a bit of Road Opener powder along the top of the candle, so that it would get melted in when I did the preliminary lighting.

I followed Oakthorne's instructions for crafting a petitioner candle pretty much to the letter, but added a chant of my own as I was prepping the herbs and as I lit the client candle to start the Mojo cooking in.  The chant was basically "Customers come on, bring in the money;  Money come in, wealth come in;  Open the way, bring it home."


Being an incense kind of girl, I burned patchouli throughout the whole process.


Now we'll have to see. ;)

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