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Here is my basic eclectic solitary approach to modern core Pagan beliefs and rituals based on ceremonial magical sources. It does not necessarily reflect the teachings of other Pagans.


Start by asking yourself if you share some of these beliefs which are common in Paganism.

1 Nature is comprised of female and male complementary forces

2 as helpful spirit, fresh air, warm fire, clean water and nutritious earth

3 celebrated in an eternal cycle at the solstices and equinoxes

4 working magic as daughters and sons of the gods

5 thinking for yourself considering the greater good

If you agree with the above, then you may chose to start studying Paganism for a year and a day to decide if it is still a religion you wish to be a part of.


: Symbol of Paganism

The most essential object of a Pagan is his or her pentagram necklace. A pentagram here means an encircled 5 pointed star constructed with an unbroken line. This is the symbol of the Pagan religion and your badge indicating yourself as a fellow believer. The symbolism contains hints of some of the affirmations above. The circle represents the protection of the Sun, the Full Moon as well as its Waxing and Waning aspects around the star which represents you. Each point represents a sacred element; Helpful Spirit, Fresh Air, Warm Fire, Clean Water and Nutritious Earth. These elements also point to the seasonal events we celebrate in an eternal cycle and hints at our beliefs about life and death. Finally, the encircled pentagram is the symbol of magic, the idea that anything can be achieved if we set our minds to it.


Rituals have two main functions. The first function is to contain and raise magical power. magical power vibrates between the power of thought and physical power. The second function is to protect you from aspects of magical power that might hurt you.


An altar can be any table that is cleared off where you will setup items that will contain the 4 sacred elements. ---NEVER LEAVE INCENSE OR CANDLES UNATTENDED---

You, the Pagan, are the 5th element.

Clean the table and the area of your ritual.

Take a compass and find magnetic north.

On the altar table, place a porcelain dish of cone incense to the east. Light it.

Place a tea candle on a porcelain dish and holder to the south. Light it.

Place a porcelain dish of filtered water to the west.

Place a porcelain dish of uncooked rice to the north.


Lower the index finger of your writing hand from the sky and draw down white lightning while breathing in.

Raise the index finger of your writing hand from the ground and grow up black roots while breathing out.

Circle clockwise before your heart a silver ball of magical energy.

Send the energy to the index finger of your writing hand.

Start in the north-east and trace a silver circle around yourself and your altar clockwise.

Say "The circle is cast."


Go to the east and trace a clockwise pentagram in the air starting on the right arm. Say "Welcome Friends of Air."

Point to the incense then point to the right arm of your pentagram necklace.

Go to the south and trace a clockwise pentagram in the air starting on the right leg. Say "Welcome Friends of Fire."

Point to the candle then point to the right leg of your pentagram necklace.

Go to the west and trace a clockwise pentagram in the air starting on the left leg. Say "Welcome Friends of Water."

Point to the water then point to the left leg of your pentagram necklace.

Go to the north and trace a clockwise pentagram in the air starting on the left arm. Say "Welcome Friends of Earth."

Point to the rice then point to the left arm of your pentagram necklace.

Perform The Silver Star Shield explained below.

Point to your forehead then point to the top apex point of your pentagram necklace.

This ritual can be performed whenever you feel you need to connect with the source of your spiritual power. It should be performed at least once monthly.


Go to the north-east and trace a silvery clockwise pentagram in the air starting at your head as if you were tracing a clock face before you. Say "The circle is cast."

When you circle back to your head, draw a pentagram to your right thigh, left shoulder, right shoulder, left thigh, back to your head. Say "Welcome Goddess and God. Out with the bad." Push out. "In with the good." Pull in.

This ritual can be performed daily in the shower.


Imagine you see your silver star shield in front of you.

Point to the right arm and say "the air"

Point to the right leg and say "the fire"

Point to the left leg and say "the water"

Point to the left arm and say "the earth"

Point to the head and say "return, return, return, return"

This ritual is also performed daily in the shower. Chant it as many times as you feel it is needed to charge up.


Please enjoy Pagan Gatherings and never do anything you are uncomfortable with. Always speak out and question everything -- but try to remain respectful when doing so.

You are free to tell people that you are Pagan or not. Just know that Paganism is not for everybody.

Promise never to reveal that another person is Pagan. Let them decide if they want to say they are Pagan publicly.

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ren Comment by ren on Monday

Thank you Leisha and Gabrielle,

The last gathering I went to was 6 years ago.

I really value both of your comments. I want to create a brief document that will give a new believer some skills and help him or her to avoid embarrassment.

I always say "greetings and salutations" while saluting with the horns and never said "merry

meet". I usually only use that when I post to acknowledge the person I'm typing to. Now I see that telling others to do that while giving them the general idea -- is silly.

Knowing that open yet unbroken is for , I'll go back to my original line "The circle is cast."

As for the alignments, I'm using the directions as the pentagram points. I've also changed the elemental chant to reflect, air - east, fire - south, water - west, earth - north, spirit - north east.


Leisha -- Vacationing Comment by Leisha -- Vacationing on Sunday

It's wonderful to see people put up their own interpretations, especially when it comes to ritual construction. I love seeing different ways of doing things, even if they're very different from where I come from.


For the chant that you're using as "The Elemental Chant", it wouldn't work for the way you're doing it, but the original order chant with the tune that is used for it can be found on one of Libana's CDs (available through iTunes). It also includes the rest of the chant that you haven't used here--don't worry, it's short. :)


I'm not sure how many gatherings you've been to in the last decade or so here in the states, but many of the things that were more acceptable in the 80s have now dropped by the wayside. At this point, wearing a cloak with a hood up when wandering around a festival may get you plenty of eyerolling. This would be double true if you "make the sign of Paganism". Depending on what city you're in, that could even get you politely escorted from the festival. ;)


One thing that might be useful to include with this is a description of how you release the quarters. Many different people have different methods (order, phraseology, technique, etc.), and it would be interesting to see how the way you do it blends with the way you call.


But thanks for sharing's wonderful to see what different people use!


And a hearty Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Mary Tyler Moore! (It's a local thing...)

Gabrielle Cleary Comment by Gabrielle Cleary on Sunday

Hi ren,

I know you said that this is your approach, but there are a couple of points that you might want to reconsider.

In the circle cast: Say "May the circle be open yet unbroken." This is used as a CLOSING not an opening. It is used to open the circle space as a passage back to this world (from between the worlds). The open part of the statement is does not mean something along the lines of an opening rite (i.e. the first thing you do).

Also with the Pagan Culture section, yes some wiccan-based groups may use "Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again" as part of a closing of a ritual, but they really do not go around saying "Merry Meet" to other pagans or wiccans as a greeting in real life (except in posts online - maybe). If someone came up to me at a gathering and said that as a greeting I'm pretty sure they would receive a very strange look.

I'm curious about your pentagram alignments. Where did you get these from? You seem to be pointing to the starting positions of some of the elements on the pentagram. These are starting positions as you go towards the element, not elemental positions themselves. Although you could be using a different set of alignments from the most common, or standard ones.


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