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Back and ready to start my life again

Everything is finally falling into place for me, all at once it seems. I've felt like my life has been on hold since August. I had to quit my job, as my bipolar finally got the best of me. I became very despondent and decided I needed to try and take the time to get better. Since then I've begun the application for disability in order to be able to get a medical card as I can't afford insurance, and it might help with my bills and such. I also got back into therapy, and it is helping although she is trying to get me to focus instead of jumping from topic to topic.

I've also been waiting since November to move into a new place. It isn't much, a trailer on a tiny piece of property but it actually has enough room to have a little garden and the back faces the side of a tall hill. Finally away from being directly between the interstate and some railroad tracks. All that iron burrrrr! However it has taken this long to get the power and such hooked up and I'm still waiting for this awesome guy my mom hired to find the water and hook it up. He is supposed to do it as soon as he can but it is supposed to rain and storm all week. Now that everything is happening I've become very impatient. 

I'm getting ready for my garden, which for now will have to be in pots until I can get the yard cleaned up. I've just planted some lavender and rosemary seeds and I'm germinating some bird house gourds and dipper gourds seeds. I'm hoping to make all sorts of things! 

Hopefully I'll be able to have all sorts of fun hedgewitchy things to post as soon as I begin to get the house and my shrines set up the way I want them!

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Comment by MoonCrone on May 24, 2013 at 18:55

Good to hear you are hanging in there, and that hopefully things continue to get better for you.  BB  MC, Liz xx 


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