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The purpose of this blog I am going to talk about trying new things. We have all been through this. When I was a child I loved all food there was  never anything I wouldn't eat except cooked beets and cooked sauerkraut. Now I juice beets and will eat raw sauerkraut in probiotic burritos and I will even put raw sauerkraut on my veggie burgers. So in this blog I will tell you what new things I tried today and I have a challenge for you!

For dinner today I had:

a salad of organic locally grown lettuce, organic cucumbers, organic tomatoes, diced bok choy, and garlic.

3 stalks of celery topped with organic almond butter

5 dates

1/2 a can of crushed pineapple

A glass of un-sweet iced tea with a lemon wedge

The new food I tried was bok choy.

It is a lot like celery but has less of those stringy fibers that get stuck in your teeth. The stalks are white and when you bite into it, it is juicy so it is very hydrating. The tops have a very earthy taste that is slightly bitter.

This whole meal was delicious and filling!

I then took my multivitamin and hopped on the treadmill. I do this often and with weights. I do some punches with the weights while I jog or over the head presses. I then slowed it down and did some jogging backwards.

The new thing I did was the backwards jogging. BE CAREFUL with this! At first I started way too fast and almost busted my ass. So hold on to the handles even if you have to reach behind you a bit and start slow with high knee steps(kind of like doing a lunge) This really works your thighs. I felt so refreshed afterwards.

Now for the challenge!!

Each week I will post 3 challenges I will also do them with you and post progress as I welcome you to comment with your progress. You are welcome to try all 3 or just do one of them. I will try and post things that don't cost money(or very little) and things that do not take up a whole lot of time.

#1 Try a new food, don't buy a whole lot just in case you do not like it. Also try eating it a lot of different ways before you decide. For instance when I first tried Kale raw I didn't care for it, but I juice it and make my own kale chips. You can also cook it and add it to omelets and stews.

#2 Start a small recycling bin if you haven't already. We have a two boxes in our kitchen that only take up out two feet of space in a corner. We recycle plastic, glass and paper and the cans from our canned food. Just make sure you rinse everything out before you put it in your bin. Most trash services will pick up recycling but you have to arrange it and possibly pay extra. Most communities have a bin that you can take your recycling to. We will walk ours down as it is only a few blocks away or we will drop it off on our way to work. Some grocery stores have recycle bins the public can use. My local grocery store has a bin just for those plastic shopping bags, and I noticed Wal-Mart has a bin for plastic and glass right inside the first set of doors where the vending machines are.

#3  Watch a documentary about your health or going green(which will better your health and help mother Earth) or read the summary or reviews online. Check Netflix there are tons of documentaries on there. It is super easy to sign up and only cost $8 a month. Youtube will have reviews and response videos and websites have reviews and summaries. A few I recommend are: Beautiful truth, No impact man, YERT, Killer at large, Food Matters and Plastic Planet.

Food Matters was the doc that started it all for me and really got me thinking about the food choices I was making. There are many more that I have watched but that should get you started.

I am looking forward to what all my readers think and  what things you do to challenge yourself.



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Comment by Ms. Witch(Sara) on December 6, 2013 at 21:21

I started my "green and wellness" blog to help people get informed about things like this. Your body is a temple ad it should be respected. It took me years to learn these things too so we are in the same boat.

Comment by Holly on December 6, 2013 at 20:16
Yeah, most people probably eat way more than the recommended servings. I've been thinking about it and we probably eat more than we should. They're everywhere! Lol. Breakfast foods, breads, holiday cakes and treats, pasta... Eesh. Glad I've been informed about some of the facts about them now so I can try to limit them a little more in the future. I thought they were healthy in things like oatmeal and whole wheat bread so, like most things that parents think are healthy, I didn't really mind when my kids ate them. I was actually glad when they did. So now I know that they aren't perfectly healthy and to limit them some if we can't cut them out entirely. Thanks for the info.
Comment by Ms. Witch(Sara) on December 6, 2013 at 14:20

No problem for the idea. I'm glad you chose to speak with a dr about the grains. I think a lot of it is most people eat way more grains than they realize they are actually eating and that plays a big part in causing problems. Since I keep grains to a minimum and seldom eat them they do not bother me when I eat them on occasion. I treat grains kind of like I do candy. Its a treat. I'm not saying that you have to do this but it has helped me feel better and that may help others feel better as well. As always thanks for reading I appreciate your views and comments.

Comment by Holly on December 6, 2013 at 13:10
Wow... This whole thing is frightening and confusing. Fiber at all just sounds scary. It tears up your intestinal lining causing it to make mucus trying to protect itself and that's what makes you poop. Wow... I spoke with our Dr. this morning about the acid that blocks mineral absorption and she said that the recommended daily serving size for grains was not enough to cause problems with mineral absorption. However, it's hard to police those serving sizes exactly every day. What is really kinda scary is that most breakfast foods are grains. Toast, cereal, oatmeal, grits, cream of wheat, biscuits etc. She also said that the reason that some people might feel better after taking grains out of their diet is atleast a mild allergy to gluten. It's really strange that we even started eating grains considering how tough and bitter they can be when not tampered with by processes to make them edible. It seems that more edible things like veggies should have been the start of agriculture.

As for making God's Eyes with the spare yarn, that's a great idea! I hadn't thought about that and I've never made them with my kids. I made one a very long time ago in middle school as a Christmas ornament, but had forgotten all about them. It's a wonderful spiritual craft idea though. Definitely going to have to make a few. Thanks for the idea. :)
Comment by Ms. Witch(Sara) on December 5, 2013 at 14:35

Holly your comment about the yarn got me wondering if you make God's Eyes with you kids? I used to make them in my Spanish class in high school. If you have never made one you can easily use two stick in the yard that are similar in size and use the yarn that isn't useful for your knitting anymore this will use it all up so it doesn't go to waste.

Comment by Ms. Witch(Sara) on December 5, 2013 at 14:30

Holly, there is a lot of info out there about being grain (or gluten free). Since I quit drinking dairy milk and I still eat grain but it is rare, I  have felt much better my digestion has improved even, I get very few stomach aches now also. Grains contain Phytic Acid, a mineral blocker that prevents absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc.causing allergies, digestive disturbances or autoimmune problems. Not to mention that most grains that the average person buys is so processed you literally don't digest it and it does nothing for your body. I don't eat bread unless I make it which is very time consuming. I do occasionally have cereal and tortilla chips and tortillas but that is about it as far as my grain consumption goes. I use coconut flour in place of  regular flour and it is loaded with fiber that is awesome for your digestive system. You don't need fiber from whole grain when you can get fiber from beans, green veggies and other veggies and fruits. Speaking of fruits and veggies they can even be hard on your digestive system if you have a sensitive GI tract or if you aren't used to eating them and then load up on them they can cause constipation until your system gets used to you eating them on a regular basis. I hope this info has helped. I know a lot of people that do not eat grains and are perfectly healthy fit as a fiddle. :)

Here is the full article from Wellnessmama

Here is another good article:

and another one:

Comment by Holly on December 5, 2013 at 10:36
Sara, I've read a few of your blogs today, all of which have some great information. How awesome that you are learning to knit. I love to knit and crochet when I have time, which is almost never especially since my kids got into my yarn stash after moving in here and cut up several skeins for art projects and have hopelessly tangled the rest. I have been going through it bit by bit when I have time and untangling the mess. Something specific in your blogs piqued my curiosity though. The comments about grains being unhealthy. We're told constantly how healthy whole grains are and how much we need them. What are the facts that you have discovered about grains? Why are they unhealthy? I'm curious because I thought oatmeal was supposed to be a healthy breakfast for my kids, and that whole wheat bread was a good idea too. It seems that there is so much I don't know.
Comment by Ms. Witch(Sara) on November 20, 2013 at 19:30

I did forget to mention this new concoction I have ate a couple of times once for breakfast and once for dinner.

Its a handful of oats, a small box of raisins, a sprinkle of pecans, a sprinkle of dried organic bananas and some coconut milk. It is so good! I try to keep grains to a minimum in my diet. They do make gluten free oats but I have never tried them. I found this recipe on you tube under vegan breakfasts and thought I'd give it a try.

Comment by Ms. Witch(Sara) on November 20, 2013 at 14:23


Pomegranates are wonderful! And locally made cheese! Jealous! Even I had a hard time jogging backwards. IT was a challenge.

Comment by Ms. Witch(Sara) on November 20, 2013 at 14:22

Okay all I will share my results for this week.

#1 for the new food, it was very simple as I opted to try carrots, now  I like carrots but not a fan of raw so I have started eating them with hummus. :)

#2 We already recycle but added another bin to our recycle section in our home

#3 The Documentary that I chose to watch was: THE GERSON MIRACLEI took down some notes to share with you.

I wanted to cry within the first 5 minutes it showed a seal covered in oil dying on shore.

I enjoyed the segment about chemicals in shampoo and how the average consumer doesn't pay attention to the chemicals that are absorbed through your skin

The instruction on coffee enemas. I won't say more

Should the Gerson therapy be legal in the USA?- I think it should. As "free" people we should have the option to be treated how we want when it comes to are medical choices.

-All the stories were very touching

-The importance of flax oil in one's diet.

-Very gross meat grinder scene

-The phrase The Standard American Diet aka S.A.D for short. LOL

-Charlotte Gerson claims she has never been ill from eating an organic veggie and fruit diet.

-It is forbidden in the US for a Dr to mention Gerson Therapy to their patients. Why?

-I loved this and if you've never read or learned about Gerson therapy I suggest you at least learn what it is and develop your own opinion.



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