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An Evening Stroll with The HedgeWitch

One of my favorite things to do is to slip quietly into my garden as dark falls to harvest.A hush has fallen over things ,the rowdy song birds have settled for their rest,even the wipporwill is quiet.As dusk arrives the pale blue new growth of blue spruce forms a substantial back drop for varigated miscanthus and oakleak hydrangea .These light up a rough and tumble corner of my yard ,turning it into something else intirely.

In another half hour dark time will be here, the frogs' song will fill the night but now at this moment time is suspended and all is still.Silver blue sedum nestled with its pale yellow brother will make my pots glow at night .The pale lavender blossoms of catmint are now vibrant as their dark purple bedfellows Larkspur fade into the night.

The silvery leaves of sage take on the cloak of moonlight and shine. As the light fades so does the vibrant reds of my Astilbe.The white Astilbe now shines and shimmers in the dark lending a gentle light to guide my feet along my walk.

As I go about my task I can easily imagine other Hedgewitchs slipping about their realms ,"a snippet of sage, some petals of rose ,the Hedgewitch harvests while others doze".

By the end of the stroll its full dark ,the frog quartet has begun their courting songs and my basket is filled with what I need for spellworks,smudge and tea.This time I gathered sage,rose petals and sweet william to dry for spells of protection ,comfort and love. Catmint blooms have been cut to dry for wreaths ,tea,and my two little niphead kitties.

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Comment by Dsuyentor on May 23, 2011 at 8:01
I wish I could have a garden! Alas, it is not meant to be yet for us...
Comment by MJ on May 22, 2011 at 20:32

For all the flowers you bring to RP.... You bring us all on a walk through a beautiful garden.....TY

Blessed Be  MJ )O(


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