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Since Samhain of 2004 I have done this, first as a inside newsletter and the as a online magazine. On Samhain of 2008 I switched to the present interview format and this proved to be the most popular version.

Often I hear people complain that there are no near by Pagans or activities So it has been for all of my 30 years of practice But even though somewhat isolated, now with health and mobility problems brought on by age, and exposure to Agent Orange in my time as a Marine in Vietnam back in 66 and 67.

I have always found a ways to interact with first the Wiccan community, and now with a variety of other communities. First was by snail mail and magazines that I wrote to and for. Then by E-mail online forums and then with ACTION. So even living on a five mile dead end highway, in the middle of the desert, does not stop me from interacting with Pagans in several parts of the world.


Meanwhile the latest issue:

ACTION Ostara 2015 is ready

Looking for more people to interview for the Beltane issue, so your suggestions are needed.

ACTION is free to everyone. You can
read the Ostara issue here.

First go to
Note the two link buttons on the upper right corner.

Here is what we have for you in this issue:

Article 1, Page 2
Being a Minority in a Minority 
Interview with Black Witch 
Black Witch discusses life from a Black Pagan’s point of view with varied topics of music, race, religion, social politics, and what it is like to be a minority within a minority.

Article 2, Page 10
On Becoming a Druid
Interview with Alison Leigh Lilly, USA
Alison Leigh Lilly is a practicing Druid. She is a writer, and she talks about the process of becoming a Druid, what it was like facing the great gaps in what is known about Druids, and how she went about creating what she practices.

Article 3, page 26
Brythonic Gods,
Polytheist Reconnection
Interview with Lee Davies, UK
Lee Davies follows the Brythonic Gods of what we now call the United Kingdom. As there are some gaps in what we do know about those gods he has to try to fill in the gaps to create a modern practice. 

Article 4, Page 33
The One Man Theatre Company
Interview with Stephen Cole
Stephen Cole is a Pagan, both director and actor of The One Man Theatre Company producing and performing one man plays, poetry performances, ceremonial story telling and doing an occasional Youtube video.

Article 5, Page 38
Brythonic Polytheism, Awenydd
Writer, Poet, and Blogger, UK 
Interview With Lorna Smithers
Lorna Smithers worships Gallo-Brythonic and Welsh gods. She has her own blog From Peneverdant, takes part on the website Dun Brython and their forum Caer Feddwyd. She is a member of the Druid Network, UCLan Pagan Society, and a resident poet for Moon Books

Article 6, Page 44
Frithgard Fellowship UK
A return interview with David Parry
David is a multifaceted man teaching contemporary English literature, drama, language and semantics. He founded a couple of theatre groups - both directing and preforming plays with them. As a celebrant for the Fellowship of Independent Celebrants (FOIC), he is the first recognized Godhi in the United Kingdom.

Article 7, Page 50
Heathen and Seidr Practitioner, UK
Interview with Linda Sever
Linda is a Heathen and Seidr practitioner, who lives and works in the North of England. She sees herself as a ‘hard’ polytheist, in that she honours many deities, each of whom is experienced and acknowledged as an independent, individual personality.

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