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Spring brings with it the urge to get out ,grub in the dirt and for some of us
create our scared spaces.Being a HedgeWitch and seasoned gardener,
my sprawling garden was planned around sunlight,moonlight and all four seasons.
But I have the luxury of owning my own land in a rual area.
Im not hindered by excessive tidiness so in my realm everything
jostles for position and elbows each other,more is better here!
For those of you who require a more formal approach to each garden
today Im going to talk about creating a Moonlight garden.These are
quite popular now ,but not new or inovative.For centuries Witchs have either
cultivated them or chosen their scared spaces for privacy and beauty in the moonlight.
two of the most important things in a moon garden are ,a unobstructed view of the moon
and a place to be comfortable,to sit and to do your workings.
There is no right or wrong spot for this just make sure it's comfortable.
No matter how good that wrought-iron love seat looks,it dosnt compare with
soft cushions to perch on.
To truly appreciate your Moon Garden, you have to sit and let the worries of the day
fade and your eyes adjust to the dark ,this isnt going to happen if your butt hurts
from a uncomfortable seat!Once your eyes are adjusted to the darkness, white and light
colored blossoms take on a silvery glow, blooms appear to float because their green stems
and foliage fade into the darkness.
In my garden Moonflowers, Four-o'clocks,Datura ,Honeysuckle and Gardenia add unique qualities to
the night, their fragrances waft through the garden pleasing the nose and attracting night pollinators.
Sound is another element to consider. At sunset, when temperatures cool and breezes come,
the blades of ornamental grasses,rustle and whisper,Bamboo leaves come alive with the
wind and its stems gently rap out a soothing rhythm. If you have a water feature the
sound becomes amplified in the still of the night.Frogs start their evening seranade
,the fireflies dance over the water lighting the way and your fish frisk among the
waterlilies. Here is the place for you to cast your circle,work your Moon magics or
just escape.
I have pots brimming with the plants I use most often in Moon spells spread around so once
I cast my circle I need not leave for lack of reagents.This is where you find my Cauldron
along with a basket of candles and burnables.I have a fountain where my crystals can spend the evening being
water cleansed and moonlight charged. Fairy stones are scattered around for the Fae and tokens
for the Dryads are in a bowl by the pond.Its truly a place for magic to manifest,
energy to grow and spells to be cast.
Your Moon garden need mot be huge ,exspensive or daunting to make.You can easily create one
by properly planting a few pots and placing them where you can veiw them at night.If you want
to add a water feature but are on a budget,a battery operated tabletop fountain can be bought
at any dollar store for 10-15$.They have a lovely sound , and bring the cleansing energy of
flowing water to your Moonlit space.The real key to spaces such as this is what you plant.
The vivid reds ,blues,greens and purples of your garden that shine during the day fade into
dark shadows at night.This is when whites,pale pinks ,pastel yellows and silvery blues shimmer
and glow .They take up the cloak of Moonlight and turn your garden (no matter how small) into
a place where magic dwells.
As with any garden you need to first watch your sun for a week or so,
then choose your plants according to what will happily grow there.Take the time to decide which
of these will serve you best and please beginners keep in mind how much time you are going to
put into mantaining your plants.If you love it but its fussy with specific needs ,then leave it
until you have some experience .Most plants die because they are planted in the wrong place
and are not getting the required maitenance.A moon garden dosnt have to be huge,properly
placed the right shrub or tree will brighten your nightscape,there is nothing to compare with
the grace of River Birch in the moon light or the sight of a blooming Magnolia at mid-night!
Below is a list of plants that Ive chosen for their
beauty in the moonlight and their carefree growth habits.Anyone can grow these if you pick
the proper spot!So there you have it,I hope I've inspired you,if you have a question just
ask,if you dont have a gardener of your own I'll be glad to answer it:)

Early - late spring

pale colored or white.....

Any Daisy ,Shasta daisies are very nice as their blooms are so large
Climbing hydrangea

late spring throughout summer

Honeysuckle after dark fragrance is heady and the blossoms almost glow

Yarrow ,common wild Yarrow takes on a whole new look at night

Queen Anne's lace (wild carrot) looks like Irish lace dancing in the breeze

Sweet alyssum (treated as an annual in the North)

Nicotiana,this has a wonderful fragrance thats only detectable after dark



Echinacea 'White Swan'has huge saucer shaped white blooms that appear at
night like drifts of snow

varigated Hosta
"Regal Splendor"
"Hosta Varigata"

"Oak Leaf"

Artemisia 'Silver Mound' or Varigated Artemisa

Lavender,these hardy shrubby plants turn blueish silver after dark

Lilac ,pick a white one and you get to see their silvery blossoms as well as smell the scent

Any ornamental grass ,varigated in particular

Silver Dragon Liriope

Yucca ,these have stalks full of huge white bells that tower it the garden
and put on a real show dancing in the moonlit breeze
Garlic Chives ,their white pom-pom blossoms should always be planted where they are seen at night
"Pandora's box"
"Happy Returns"
"Ladies Gloves"


For fall the choices get fewer but the wise witch plans her garden for late displays

Chysanthemum ,there are many of these I prefer the giant white "Spider" Mums
because they take on the appearance of exotic Earth bound stars

Asters come in many colors the pale pink or pastel purple ones add a lovely glow to the nightscape

Pansies ,planted in groups along your path these will gently light the walk to your garden

Japanese Toadlily take on a light pinkish-lilac glow at night

Fall blooming Anemone ,these are shade lovers who carry their blooms at the top of
slender stems so they nod and dance with each Autumn breeze

Boltonia "snowbanks" this one grows four foot and in mid-September Its smothered in tiny
daisy like blossoms that twinkle in the moonlight as the breeze stirrs the stems

Montawk daisys (commonly known as Nippon Daisies)are the last Daisy to bloom and a must have for any garden

Goldenrod shines in sunlight and fills your night with a golden glow

early - late Winter

Fall blooming Camillias ,these beautiful evergreen shrubs bloom in December here in Virginia
and there are serveral to pick from for a moonlit display pink pale pink or white

Yellow twig Dogwood is a plain Jane until its foliage drops to reveal bright yellow stems that glow at night
planted with its sibling red twig Dogwood it gives you a stunning display of color in the stark winter months

Witch Hazel blooms late in the year right befor the break of spring with pale to bright yellow blooms

Peris Japonica "Lily Of The Valley" shrub also blooms at the end of winter with long streamers of beautiful white blooms

When Febuary is winding down Helleborus ,crocus and Snow Drops are the heralds of spring braving frigid tempratures and snow
there is nothing as welcoming to me than the sight of these


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Comment by Guinevere on April 14, 2011 at 23:20
Oouuuu... you just gave me a million ideas for our next home.  I can't do that here.  We don't go too far from the house at night in summer because of the bears.

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