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What is a witch? I hear this question a lot, and the answers are always
something like someone who does magic, or someone who reveres nature,
they are good and help people, and even oh their evil people. That
never says *what* a witch is.

Honestly, if I had to give one word to say what a witch is, it'd be Dreamer. The witch is that person
who looks beyond what lies in front of them. They see that which drifts
just outside of sight. They see both sides of the coin.. at the same
time.. while it is laying flat. Many would say that is impossible, call
them fools or insane. The witch, however, knows that she speaks true.
She doesn't rely on those around her to define her truths. Her
validation.. her sense of worth comes from within her. She is what she
dreams herself to be.

Actually, even more simple.. A Witch IS

You know, having just written that, it makes part of the Charge even more
real. The same part I wrote about last year. So many spend their time
looking for things outside of them. Validation, worth, love, or even
power, all these things people look to others to find answers to. They
spend their time trying to make themselves look better to other people,
and the slightest sign of someone disagreeing with them they fall apart.
They get angry and defensive about how dare you attack them, even when
you are not. They rely on others.

If that which you seek, you can not find within, you will never find without.

Simple truths hidden within small words. Look to yourself, child. You have what you
need if you only look within. Trust and have faith in yourself. If you
can't and you rely on others for it all, then you are little more than a
fragile shell that merely shatters. Unless you can find these things..
these truths within yourself, then all you have are hollow, brittle
words to hold you up. Looking to others does not make for a good
foundation for the witch to exercise her Will.

Huh... there's that word again. Will. Funny how so much of the Craft comes back to
this one simple, yet exceedingly difficult thing. Simple, yet
difficult.. ahh witchcraft.. how thee art a Paradox that resolves all

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Strata Comment by Strata on December 30, 2010 at 11:16pm
Kerri.  I am sorry that your blog is now all disfunctional... but the member had to be removed.  Btw.  you know that I think this blog is FABULOUS! :)
Beorc Kano Comment by Beorc Kano on December 30, 2010 at 10:09pm
I think, at this point, that the water is running off of the oil slick. It's been brought up that Gards aren't the only wiccan trad, and you're focusing so deeply on them still. Your info is flawed, straight up, and that is the fact. You can continue to dither on and on about idiocies and persecution and such, but the more you do, the more you reveal your true, shattered nature to everyone around you. Feel free to pop off at the mouth, one more time, and try to validate your uninformed hate campaign, and prove our assessment of you one more time.

Also, sweetheart, you've proven your lack of class multiple times. Have fun with that.
Alorer Stef (The Gecko) Comment by Alorer Stef (The Gecko) on December 30, 2010 at 8:33pm

Can we please ban the troll? I seriously cannot understand how someone can keep spouting the same crap after so many wonderful and clear explanations... unless they are a troll or a clinical idiot.... Or both!


Let's be done with this... After all, numbers are not this site's intent.

Jen {The Pesky Pixie} Comment by Jen {The Pesky Pixie} on December 30, 2010 at 8:16pm

I will say this, and yes, I'm openingly admitting it.  I was once a fluffified bunny who called myself a Wiccan for years until I joined and met all these amazing and wonderful people.  These said people gently pointed out that I clearly was not and I admited my faults and turned the page.  (though I was banged on the head a few times, but that's okay, that's how I learn lol!)


Now that I know where I belong I feel greatful to everyone who's helped me find that place and help remove some of the fluffs...I still have a few hairballs, but with time they will fall off too!  Wonderful post Kerrida, thank you for this!

Scorpion One *The Old Goat* Comment by Scorpion One *The Old Goat* on December 30, 2010 at 6:57pm
''Ah Witchcraft... How thee art a Paradox that resolves all Paradoxes.'' Bravo!!!
Amrita Comment by Amrita on December 30, 2010 at 6:45pm
very good post kerri. exactly what a witch or infact anyone needs to know. u cannot seek to find things outside when u dont have it inside u. true . blessed be :)
Sangraal Comment by Sangraal on December 30, 2010 at 5:12pm
For what it is worth, I will add that because you had already been given an official warning by a mod here, your last several hours of rant was a repeat offense from what you were warned and I could have removed you completely. HOWEVER, I am of the mind that some lessons do not come easy, and it frickin sucks being held to an illusion, a lie. I have, as many others here, have been down that road. It is not easy- so you have been given ample opportunity to just drop it and take to heart what others, Wiccan and non-Wiccan alike, have said to you. If we did not care, we would let you simply wallow in the nonsense you've been fed.
Sangraal Comment by Sangraal on December 30, 2010 at 4:47pm
Scott Cunningham was full of shit. There, I said it. And so are the others that forced a change in Wicca. Unless you are initiated into a coven of legitimate lineage to the Black Forest region, which may or may not have included Gardner in the upline, you are Not Wiccan. You may continue to believe whatever nonsense you have read in books, or you can learn from the legitimate experience of others whose initiatory experience on this site is collectively measured in centuries. You may not, however, continue this anti-trad rant, which is what it is further. After that last spill, this is your last chance.
Sutra Comment by Sutra on December 30, 2010 at 4:36pm

The BTW's claims can be easily checked up on, and as far as I go I have made no claims of being wiccan for you to call into question.

You are desperately clinging to a word that defines something you clearly hate.

Kerrida Comment by Kerrida on December 30, 2010 at 3:43pm

No need to apologize over this thread.  It serves to prove my point.


What I find funny is that Monique was fine with the post and even said she liked it.. while of course make a thinly veiled jab at Trads.  However, when pointed out that the writer is a student of a Trad coven.. then it suddenly turns to the persecution line.


Most intriguing.


Now, Monique, perhaps you can now see why Trad folk are so insistent on proper use of wrods.  So many people *claim* to be of a Trad, when they are not.  Their actions can seriously harm the Trad, and drive sincere seekers away.  Yes, sometimes bad eggs come up.. but you can bet that the rest of that Trad deal with it.


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