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Simply writing from a personal perspective without having researched a thing, I am going to rant a moment about fear.  A friend, who well, isn't a friend, is getting out of jail soon, is the hot topic of our small community's gossip vine.  The residents seem afraid of him because he has made statements, supposedly, that he is getting even with whomever caused him to return to jail the second time.  Shooting guns at random hours, bringing in new housemates, conspiring with others against him. 


This is a ball of fear, conspiracy, and negative energy of which I want no part.  My broom is weary at this point, and I am not being sarcastic!  My windchimes are tired as well.  I know some of you will appreciate the allusion to brooms and windchimes.  If people would leave him alone, ignore everything, leave him at peace, then I think everything will be fine.  Right now I am appalled at the ability to live and live.  I did ring in the New Year with a bit of laziness and now a bit of bitterness myself.


What to do?  I suppose I'll need to cleanse and recharge my broom and windchimes.  I could bake the new housemate a pecan pie.  What I really would like is to tell my neighbors not to tell me anything else because my heart is tired of this drama.  I have invested almost a full year in forgetting the drama of his being in my life.  I would prefer the heartbeat of this house not hear his name nor plots against him lest the drama be borne here in this home. 


If anyone has any suggestions, negative or positive, please leave them.  I have had enough and I would pull my hair out but I had it colored recently.


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Nicole Comment by Nicole on Thursday

I would say that if he threats are true, they are just threats and have no power unless we let them. If when he gets back there and people just live their life without giving him so much power, i am sure all will be fine.


I wouldn't worry about it until you have a reason to.




Katarina Ana ( panther woman) Comment by Katarina Ana ( panther woman) on November 2, 2011 at 10:07am
I would definately tell the neighbors that unless he's standing outside my door with a sub-machien gun,I dont want to hear about him.Just in case put protections and wards on your person's animals and dwelling.Negativity serves no purpose  except to breed more of the same. Blessings!

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