3 Weeks To Go! and other related things

Hey everyone,
I wanted to write this post as it may be the last one I get to before my sons big arrival. I do have a TON(litterally) of posts planned for when I return from maternity leave or if I have some time during those sleepless nights lol. I have an "Are you afraid of herbs?" post planned, a "Healing with crystals and stones" post, "origin of Ms. Witch" post planned as well as a handful of others, including a birth story and some other pregnancy related posts. In this post I wanted to write about my gestational diabetes, how I coped and dealt with it, as well as a few other things in life and my pregnancy. I was really torn whether to post this here or in pregnancy and childbirth but since this is a bunch of ramblings as well I figured it would do best in my personal blog. However I may link in pregnancy and childbirth so the gestational diabetes part can help others in the future.
As some of you know, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes a few weeks back. At first this was really overwhelming for many reasons.

1. Because I eat right!(Before pregnancy and during) How could this happen to me? I didn't spend my first half of pregnancy stuffing my face with sweets(with nasty food colorings and added sugars), or sodas(loaded with the same) or using my pregnancy as an excuse to eat more sweets or junk food than I normally would(which isn't much) just because I was, "Eating for two"

2. I don't smoke or drink during pregnancy. Before i Was pregnant I would have the occasional glass of wine or sometime a beer. But typically not more than 2 a month.(and sometimes months would pass with no alcohol)

3. I excersised. Now beofre i Was pregnant I had a pretty good workout schedule and went to the gym. I continued that after i found out I was with child, however my morning sickness got so bad that there were quite a few days where I just couldn't get on the bike, mobile or stationary but I walked, my job kept me moving as well as doing things around the house and yard. I also only gained 20 pounds in 8 months of being pregnant average is 25 to 35 pounds. I walk a lot!

Finiding out that i didn't pass the blood glucose test was really devistating and I blamed myself thinking that I did sometihng wrong to put myself and my baby at risk for this. My husband wasn't much help either. It scared him and overwhelmed him as well. His main question for our OB was, "How did this happen? My wife eats better than anyone I know, wierd stuff too, like chai seeds, and kale." LOL My OB explained that sometimes homones just do that to you when pregnant and that the good news was with my diet I should be able to be diet controlled easily.
Reasons why i blamed myself:

1. My decrease in excerise, Even though I was still pretty active as I mentioned above, after almost 20 weeks of projectile vomiting morning sickness, I didn't get back on the bike, nor did I use my treadmil, it needs a slight repair that my husband hasn't gotten around to.(MEN RIGHT LOL?)

2. I would crave root beer. I typically don't drink much soda but I did drink cafeine free root beer in the beginning of pregnancy, sometimes it was the only liquid I could keep down.

3. And I blamed myself because even though sometimes events in life are out of our control, we still feel like we need someone to blame.

So all that being said, I began checking my blood sugar, fasting, and beofre and after meals. WOrking on nightshift it took a little adjusting for the dayshift eating plan I was given. But after 1.5 weeks I got things pretty down pat.
A few tihngs that were diffucult with this were:

1. Night shift, I sleep 4 to 5 hours then get up to have dinner with my husband. So sometimes my fasting sugar would be higher than 95, usually around 100-105. After i Would eat i wait an hour check my sugar, it was usually between 120-140(right on)then I would stay up and spend some time with my husband then I take a 1-2 hour nap before i go into work for the night at 11pm. To correect my fasting surgar being a little too high I would have to eat a little sooner in the morning beofre going to bed.

2. Meat has no carbs. I don't eat a whole lot of meat, my diet consisits of fruits, veggies, and grains. Well the diabetic diet that I was given was primarily meats, eggs, cheese and veggies. Grains(like oats are really high in carbs, I was instructed to pretty much avoid them, as well as fruit, I could have 1 small serving. This really scared me because I eat a ton of fresh local foods. At fist I avoided fruit completely. I also found that the only cheese that didn't raise my blood sugar was aged swiss. I am able to eat more than one small serving of fruit a day I just have to space them out.

3. Just getting a good eating schedule, I didn't eat a lot of carbs before so sometimes getting a enough was hard too.

Here are some snacks that I am currently eating a lot of that do not effect my Blood sugar:
-eggs(free range organic)
-salad(with oil based or ranch dressing)
-Aged Swiss Cheese
-Yogurt fruit bars(like outsine bars, although it is super easy to make your own. Blend yogurt and fruit in blender then pour into molds and freeze)
-Gelato(very seldom)
-trail mix(raisins, peanuts and sunflower seeds(the little to go packs were are very handy for a snack to fill me up between meals)
-Beef jerky(a couple of pieces here and there to stave of hunger, Low Sodium of course)
-Kale chips(I make my own, with olive oil, garlic and basil)
-Crackers made from brown rice flower(ALDI has a live G free brand that is rosemary and olive oil and has simple ingredients, these are lower in carbs than most chips and crackers, they also have a great flavor so you don't need any dip or dressing, etc.
-Almonds(I love me some almonds)
-Almond milk(I love this too)

Some meals:
-Black bean quesadilla, with salsa, sour cream and a salad, water with a lemon wedge to drink
-2 eggs with sausage with water to drink
- Pork chop with cajun seasoning, steamed cauliflower, and salad(oil based dressing or ranch) a few grapes on the side, sparkling water flavored with grapefruit or lemon.
-Grilled Chicken breast, seasoned with spices(I like rosemary, basil, sea salt and pepper), steamed broccoli, salad small side of fruit.
-Tacos with hardshell made from corn, with lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream and a pinch of cheese, black beans and water.
-Fish with new potatoes seasoned with lemon pepper, rosemary, thyme and garlic, salad and water.
*Please remember that everyone is different, what raised my blood sugar may not raise yours or vice versa. Also every pregnancy is different and gestational diabetes can be very tricky and different than regular diabetes.

Despite the gestational diabetes, Logan remains healthy, he was measuring fine up until about last week. He is in the 94th percentile. So my Dr. scheduled my induction date for the 20th of July. There are a lot of risks with gestational diabetes. One is large shoulders, my Dr is worried for our safety if the shoulders should get stuck that is an emergency C section. Someone asked me,"are you okay with that seein as you want it all natural?" Well here are my thoughts: Yes, I did plan on an all natural childbirth. However, I want to do what is safest for my son and I. I would rather be induced than have to have a C section and I may go early on my own as well and get to avoid the induction. I am not thrilled about having to get pitocin or having my water broken for me but if it is safest and absolutely medically neccisary then I want to do that rather than put my child and myself at risk and something really bad go wrong.
I have another ultrasound on July 9th to access growth, even though these arent always accurate, my fluid levels are normal and i am measuring 2 weeks ahead. I am anxuious to see Logan on that screen and hope he isn't too big that my OB wants to do a C-section. I have been praying about this.

I have been busy getting the house prepped and the bedroom for co-sleeping and rooming in. :) I have the diaper bag packed and our bag packed for the hospital. I will write a post about this after birth.
I have knitted Logan a pair of red booties to wear in the hospital(red for ruby, July birthstone) I am also working on knitting some gifts for my brith companion, Shelby. I will also have write a blog about her after birth.
We had our baby shower last weekend so we have been busy organizing everything we got from that(mostly blankets and clothes)
I have another baby shower that the girls here at work are throwing on the 2nd as well.
Some of the practical things we got at our shower were:

-baby wash clothes, these are so soft, tiny and just adorable!And there is no reason they cannot be kept and reused after baby is grown up(if they last that long)
-Blankets. I recently read an article about how blankets are the most predictable baby gift and often unsafe. Here are my thoughts on this. Every baby that is going to be in a cold climate willl need a warm blanket at some point. Also they are versatile, put them on the floor for tummy time, playtime, etc.IF they are handmade they are great keepsakes and anyone can use a blanket! You should not cover up a newborn at night but after the OK at a certain age, (check with pediatrician) it will be okay to use these blankets.
-Lots of socks and bibs.
-diaper bag
-Hooded towels(I love these)
-Gift cards
-Teething supplies
-Gifts for me( some relaxing all natural chemical and dye free bath salts :))

I didnt really get anything not practical. So I was greatfull for this. We got cash as well which even though it can be kinda boring to get cash sometimes I think it is a no fail gift. We can use it to buy something else we need for baby or save it and use it later when he is outgrowing everything lol.
A few items I think are not practical are:
-newborn size bikinis or trunks.
-baby monitors, your baby will be in your room for AT LEAST the first 4 months no need for this.
-shoes(newborn shoes are cute of course but they wont need these until they are starting to toddle around. Socks are a no fail gift here, becuase you can also use them for mittens instead of buying those no scratch mittens for newborns and the socks stay on better(so I've heard)
-Toys for newborn The best toy in the first few months is going to be mom and dad plus any other attention baby gets from cuddles, to faces and voices. We did get a few toys for later on, a cloth rattle, some keys for teething, a stuffed bear(that was pretty much the extent of the toys we got)

Somethings that i wish we would've gotten more of:
-Cloth breast pads
-crib sheets(even tohugh he will not be using the crib for awhile we need more than one sheet lol)
-Books to read to him
-Another baby sling
-More gift cards or cash(than actual gifts)
-A Spare carseat
-Swing of some kind

About 40% of the clothes we got were used, I am okay with that babies grow really fast. I do not mind used at all, however all babies deserve something new as well. :)

A few of the coolest gifts we got(my favorites) were:
-BOuncy seat(no batteries or anything)
-Homemade blankets
-These little tiger booties
-Swaddle blankets
-A couple of lion themed outfits that i just love.

At our shower(my inlaws were kind enough to host and provide all food and drink)
we had a safari theme and the colors blue and green. We served cake, punch mixed nuts and little chocolates.
My mother in law purchased a white onesie and asked every guest to sign it with a fabric marker, in the middle she wrote on it "I am Loved" It will be a great keepsake as well. I may have him wear it for some newborn pictures as well. Totally inexpensive cute idea.
We had males and females there, made a family affair of it. My inlaws set up canopies and lawn furniture as well as balls and toys outside for the little kids to play. My husband helped me open gifts. I opened one then he opened one, etc. My best friend, Anna took pictures, while my mother in law handed us gifts and took pictures. My husbands 4 yr old cousin took the opened gifts to the spare room to get them out of the way. My mom, wrote down who got us what gifts in the baby book.
The only game that was played was measure my belly, my husbands Aunt won, the prize was simple a blue bachelors button flower from the centerpiece. :) In expensive.
My mother in law bought thank you cards and requested each guest write there address on one to save me time later on in doing it. I thought this was a wonderful idea. ONly a few people remembered to do it but that was a little time saved.
Then we had a weenie roast/ cook out over the fire pit. Simple sides, veggies and dip, beans and chips.
It was really a great time! Then we had fun the next morning opening everything agian. LOL
I will most likely post a few pictures after the birth.
BLessings all!

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Blessed Be Darling

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You're doing great!  Keep up the good work Mommy!  


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