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I was watching Criminal Minds with my mother and wasn't anywhere near my computer an hour ago, but Happy New Year!

Tomorrow, I go tracking down mead at the local wine shops (the internet says there are five different shops here that carry it). And I make my candles. *And* I buy new wood blanks and a better carving tool, because the runes I finally got around to making earlier this week are basically unusable. I couldn't focus for anything while making them and I kept having to go in and out of my circle because I forgot something and I was in way too small of a space to safely work. And I ended up carving them all in the wrong order, my candles kept going out, I think the Goddesses knew I wasn't in the proper frame of mind to work.

So I'll be starting over. Sunday when my mother takes my children for the morning I will work in a room that has more space in it and do it again.

I bought new wax melts for the candles this time. I like wax melts because they're inexpensive, I can find them in nearly all the colors I need, they smell pretty, and most importantly the wax has a low melting point, so in case of curious housepet nobody will get seriously burned by hot wax. Last time I ended up melting some crayon in with the white wax melts I already had to get the colors I needed, but they didn't color evenly and those candles were smaller than the rest, for some reason. So I decided to just start over. I need seven in all - two white (honeysuckle nectar or vanilla bean, I haven't decided which yet; the former is a truer white, but the latter has a prettier scent), one blue (smokey mountain valley), one red (simple romance), one silver (chai tea), one green (crushed cardamom) and one black (coal). I may need to go back and stock up on the last two because they're limited edition scents and the other greens and true blacks out there have scents I don't care for at all. I also bought some additional wax melts just for pretty scented candles, so whichever white I don't use for calling candles can be uses for that.

Got some new tapers to use for the cardinal directions too, and some new candle holders. I didn't have enough the other night and ended up trying to burn several candles at once on a candle plate, and it didn't work out so well. There weren't enough clear ones so I ended up buying some red ones to use for the tapers.

My carving blade is too thin to be effective on wood discs. I ended up using a carving bit on the Dremel, but it skipped and ended up making the carve marks all wonky. I think I'm going to get one of those v-blade carvers instead for this set.

My altar box needs to be replaced. It's too small to hold all my candle holders and other accoutrements. I haven't yet found a large enough box that I like *and* that's within my price range. Hopefully before too long I'll find one, because having to store necessary things in multiple boxes is distracting.

AND I need to get my altar *cloth* made. I have some pure white linen that I intend to dedicate to the cause, but I want to embroider a border to incorporate the cultures and symbols that have made up my path, and I'm taking some time to get that  design right. I don't want to hand-embroider an  entire altar cloth and realize that I hate it and have to start all over.

Finally, I intend to journal daily. Whether that's here or in a handwritten book will depend on the day, but I really want to be attentive and involved with myself this year and see what this journey has in store for me and my family, and I want a record of it.

Happy New Year, everyone who acknowledges it at this time of the year. I hope it's a good one for you all.

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Comment by Serenity Hutchinson on January 2, 2015 at 0:08

Happy New Year!

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