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The 13 Herb bath is lauded for its ability to remove crossed conditions, bad luck and other negative energies and influences that may have attached themselves to you.

The recipe for this celebrated Hoodoo bath blend is nearly impossible to find in books or on the Internet.  Unless you know an experienced rootworker or conjureperson, that is.  I, unfortunately, do not, so I had to sit myself down and research possible herbal combinations.  There are a great deal of herbs in the Hoodoo tradition that are used to remove jinxes and purify the individual, but not all of them are safe to rub all over oneself, nor desirable to bathe in.  Asafoetida, anyone?


With the goal in mind to create both an effective cleansing bath, as well as one that would not cause skin irritation or offend the nose, I concocted the following combination:


1.  Agrimony - a reversal herb; it both removes a hex and turns it back on the sender.


2.  Angelica root - associated with the archangels, (specifically Michael) Angelica has many uses as a protective herb, and is used for uncrossing.


3.  Burdock - it cleanses the user of impurities, uncrosses and protects from jinxes.


4.  Devil's Shoe Strings -these are used to break any blockages caused by an enemy, and also to protect against crossed conditions.


5.  Dill -breaks any jinxes or crosses that have been placed against a person's love affairs.


6.  Fern (various) - reversal plant to send any harm done back to its sender.


7.  Five Finger Grass -used to ward off evil and clear away crossed conditions.  Also good as a spiritual cleanser for a jinxed home.


8.  Hyssop - the granddaddy of all spiritually purifying herbs.  What would any cleansing formula be without hyssop?  This is a jinx killer.


9.  Mint (spearmint or peppermint) - not only is mint reputed to break hexes, it also protects your money and keeps away pestering, troubled spirits.


10. Oak bark (preferably white) - general jink remover.


11. Patchouli - turns back any negative spells.


12. Solomon's Seal - used for unjinxing, and protection; likes to work with both mint and balm of gilead buds.


13. Verbena (a.k.a Vervain) - used to cure a person of any unnatural illnesses caused by a trick that has been thrown at them.


To prepare the bath, add equal amounts of the herbs to a pot of boiling water. Steep for 13 minutes. Strain out the herbs and add the liquid to your bath. As you bathe, immerse your head 13 times and recite the 37th Psalm. For maximum results repeat the bath for 13 consecutive days. You can also take the bath water and add it to your mop bucket to cleanse the house of any negative influences or jinxes that may have been laid against the home.  Or you could just boil the herbs, strain them and then use that liquid like you would any floor wash, by adding a bit to your mop bucket whenever you clean.

Alright, there we go!  A 13 Herb bath that pretty much covers any hex that can be placed upon a person.  Any thoughts, comments or suggestions for improvement?  Let me know!


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Comment by Rachel Ann (EisHexe) on May 22, 2011 at 17:13

Thank you so much, Seren!  I don't know how I fudged that one up.


Edited post to substitute patchouli for rue.  Patchouli is actually beneficial to the skin and works as a toner.  Should have included it in the first place!

Comment by Seren Haf on May 22, 2011 at 17:03
Rue can be a skin irritant

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