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It was 11 Years ago this Month that I started practicing Wicca and oh what a ride it has been. Even though I Things e.g. Taoism to my Ritual and Practice, I still bring it all back down to Wicca: my Home. In fact, for most of these 11 Years, I have used the Rituals found in "Nocturnal Witchcraft" and "Gothic Grimoire" both by Konstantinos for my Rituals for New and Full Moons and Seasonal Festivals. I met my best Friend, Patron, while practicing a Wiccan Ritual 11 Years ago this Month. Patron came meowing to my Door while I was in the Middle of a Ritual. I relented and let him in and he came into my Heart. The next Year Patron left for he belonged to my Neighbor who let him hang out with me. In 2007, I was diagnosed with Cancer. After recovering from Cancer in 2008, Patron's Owner was looking for a New Home for him so, of course, I took him in. It was beautiful: we started where we left off as we had never been separated.

On June 4, 2012, Patron passed away. I hope to be reunited with him again a second and final Time.

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Comment by Ms. Witch(Sara) on September 18, 2014 at 4:14
Thomas, this was such a touching story. I just lost my cat Niji of 16 years. I hope to see her again in another life someday.

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