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As for my first blog post I thought it would be beneficial to introduce myself and where I currently stand on my spiritual path; it will also be fun for me to look back on it in years to come to see how much I have hopefully evolved and found peace.

I am in my late twenties and have been raised in a Christian/Catholic household. My father is more open minded and enjoys talking to people of different faiths but my mother accepts nothing other than her path as being true. Pulling myself together to step out and away from her shadow on my own has taken many years. I am still cautious to avoid conflict and of emotionally hurting my parents but I can no longer deny my heart and minds desire to find my right path as Christianity just does not sit right with me. The more Bible study I did the more angry/frustrated/distant I became. Life is not about settling it is about striving for whatever your goal may be and doing it whole heartedly.

During my teen years I occasionally brought up Wiki and other website pages for Paganism and Wicca. I couldn't tell you why this rather than any other faith drew me in. I had swallowed the fear mongering for years but a voice in my head told me I had been lied too and this idea was false all I needed to do was to open myself up to a different perspective.

In April 2013 I finally felt I had time in my life to commit to studying and began to accumulate book suggestions from Buckland, Cunningham to Ravenwolf. (Yes I believe you should read the good and the bad authors how else will you know how to personally differentiate reliable information or not).
I started to follow respected and trustworthy Pagan and Wiccan YouTubers and seek online communities and forums.

I am the kind of individual who likes to utilise many resources and research till I know the subject inside and out. Although I enjoy meeting up with like minded people I have always preferred solitude and to 'just be' with the higher power.

I am starting on my journey with Cunningham's Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner and Penczak's The Inner Temple of Witchcraft. Although the latter is a year and a day course including a self initiation ritual to bring you up to first degree level. I will study for as long as I need to even if that is my lifetime before claiming the title of Witch and dedicating myself without ever being technically initiated into a Coven. I am not on this path to be cool or edgy, nor am I hear to collect pretty looking tools and impressive sounding titles. I seek to learn and understand, to better myself for the benefit of the world and people around me.
In only a few weeks I have already noticed a mental and physical difference in myself. I feel as if I have come home from a long journey away I had never realised that I was on. I feel free-er, happier and less stressed then I have been in years and all with just a few small exercises, mindset adjustments and my new awareness. I am exhilarated and I look forward to the days chores being completed so I can devote time to study online or from books and attend to my herb garden.

I love to write and document my life I expect this little blog will grow quickly with my musings.

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