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Finding my Goddess....

   Last summer when I started my Spiritual quest to find a path that would reach deep into my soul, I was pretty convinced that it would be of the witchcraft variety. As I read and read and read some more....and meditated and pondered and contemplated and eventually tried to force something magical to happen, all I managed to do was overwhelm myself and cloud my mind with all kinds of doubts... so I stepped back from that whole spiritual concept all…


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Whether it's sugar or poison, how sweet is 


You grab a hat, you have no head. How sweet is…


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Some Rumi goodness:-)

There is a life-force within your soul, seek that life.

There is a gem in the mountain of your body, seek that mine.

O traveler, if you are in search of that

Don't look outside, look inside yourself and seek that.…


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Remember those who are suffering in Japan.....

Please remember to say a prayer or light a candle for those suffering at this time in Japan and around the world from the terrible quake and tsunami...




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Lakshmi Devi....My Beautiful Goddess!!

Lakshmi – Goddess Of Wealth Sri Lakshmi Devi

Lakshmi is the Hindu Goddess Who Governs All form of Wealth and Success and the Paths, Means and Results of all forms of Prosperity. Mother Lakshmi is often depicted in several…


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On Valentines and Vulvas....excellent article!!


From the beginning, women were exalted as the image, the echo, the counterpart companion of the Goddess. Their access to ecstasy was imbued with spiritual significance. As priestesses, they tended the fires and fanned the generative flames from Her sex, the seat of Her power.

Paleolithic carved figures refer to woman as matrix, as creatrix, to moon cycles and menstrual…


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Lover's Day is almost upon us...feeling all super sappy ;)

~I want to see you. 

Know your voice. 

Recognize you when…


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The Great Longing...

Here I sit between my brother the mountain

And my sister the sea.


We three are one in

loneliness, and the love that binds us together

is deep and strong and strange.

Nay, it is deeper…


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~What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful.~ Brené Brown

I love this is a wonderful thing to me when one is truly revealed to one's self...there is a beauty in vulnerability that cannot be matched, even by…


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Just a Note:)

~What you set your heart upon, surely shall be yours.~

Ralph Waldo Emerson





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Be yourself today...

~The greatest way to live with honor in this world is to be what we pretend to be.~ Socrates

   Many of us live our lives trying to please other people or live up to their expectations and in the end we seem to fall short. What does it…


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Say it isn't so???


According to this I am no longer an Aquarius???? But I'm a solid Aquarius!!!!

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Life is a Balancing Act...




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Be brave today.....

Today if you question yourself, doubt yourself, or otherwise feel down on yourself, remember: everyone does, but the moment when one of us finds the courage to stand strong, it has a ripple effect on everyone else. The question remains: which ones of us will be brave enough to love who we are today?



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35 Simple Ways to Be Beautiful!!!


I just had to share this link! What a great way to start out the New Year!

Brightest Blessing,



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The 90/10 Principle.....


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Time to be honest with myself....

So here I am....I am at a major crossroads on my spiritual journey...I am beginning to see that this is going to be a long long process for me in figuring out what my path should be....for months now I have read and reflected deeply on witchcraft and 'wiccan' concepts and no matter how hard I try to make these ideas and concepts resonate with me, they just don't....all I have heard along the way thus far in my seeking is how we should not try to force ourselves to believe something that just…


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Connecting with Divinity...

This morning I awoke earlier than usually and lay there pondering all the things I needed to do today...then a thought came into my mind. What have I done for myself spiritually lately...I've been reading so many books and even doing some pretty effective mindfulness meditation, but what have I done to connect with the God and Goddess? Being an Aquarius, it seems to be in my nature to connect on an intellectual (mind) level to my higher… Continue

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30 Posts of Truth...Day 7 ...Someone who has made your life worth living for....

I have really been putting this off, but here I am...yes I could say my husband, but having already mentioned him in several other posts, I decided to choose someone else...that would be several someones who have made my life worth living for. My children are the greatest gift I have and have given me more purpose in life than any other single thing could. Bekah 20, Jarred 18, Lauren 17, and Benjamin 15....They are each so unique and amazing....I am so proud and honored to be their mother.… Continue

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30 Posts of Truth...Day 6....Something you hope you never have to do..

I really DO NOT like this question...who wants to talk about things they never hope to let's just get this one out of the way...I decided that anything having to do with death is off the list because that is a given and frankly, I am not writing down anything anywhere that has to do with THAT subject...the whole Law of Attraction thing and all...I don't want any awful manifestations coming about as some weird result of what I wrote here. (some pun intended)

There is one…

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