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Updates and what I got my husband for our anniversary

Hey all,

I hope you all are well. I have been feeling pretty blah.(that is what I get for eating that pizza) I Was miserable for 2 days not to mention I got so busy with work stuff that I forgot to take my psyllium and my probiotics. Boy did I pay for it! I have been eating rice and spinach, and a side of chicken or tilapia along with juice and smoothies. I am going to post 2 recipes over on spice goddess so be sure and check those.

Now that I am not feeling so blah, sluggish…


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Getting back on track

Hey all,

I just got back from eating with my dad. We had veggie sandwiches. I have the ingredients for pain relief lotion bars in my make shift double boiler.(its a big glass measuring cup sitting in a pot filled with water)

I have gained a bit of weight as I have been eating dairy and meat more often that usual. So I went to the health food store and stocked up on a few things. Every week that I go I find something new. I got the staples that I get every week, farm fresh eggs…


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Ostara/Earth Day baskets

Hey all,

In my Ostara post I mentioned that my husband and I color eggs to celebrate. I wanted to mention something I do for my dad every year.

Sometime between Ostara and Earth day, my husband and I color eggs, I make a batch of cookies and other goodies, cupcakes, tarts, breads and I then make a little basket for my dad. I will either use a container(from butter or something like that) decorate it, buy a little decorative aluminum bucket, or re-use a basket or box from…


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happy ostara

Blessings to everyone! This will be a quick post. As today is the first day of spring, Ostara. I am curious how all of you will celebrate. My husband and I both work today so we shared a couple of ice cream cups today and spent a little time together. This weekend we are going antiquing with my dad. I'm going to make some healthier chocolate chip muffins for the road. So I'm looking forward to that very much. Soon I will hang the plastic Easter eggs outside as I do every year. It is tradition… Continue

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cook books that I have and that I use

Hey all I've been wanting to do this post for while and today I'm feeling better so I decided I would go ahead and post it.

as many of you know and for those of you that don't I cook a lot. Most of what I know my grandma taught me and other things I learned in my home economics class. Other things I've learned from TV and books. I have quite a few cook books but there's only a few that I used frequently.

I have the Betty Crocker cookbook 1500 recipes for the way you cook today. I have… Continue

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natural beauty and body products is it worth it? part 2

Hey all,

I am still sick and had to call in to work Saturday. I am laid up in bed with one of the cats. While the hubby plays marvel heros on the net.

I WA t to review homemade vapo rub. I got the recipe off of I made it fir the first time Friday. Its organic unrefined coconut oil mint essential oil, Clive and Rosemary. Its also supposed to have eucalyptus oil andbeeswax in it as well.I didn't have eucalyptus and didn't feel like grating. Beeswax. When you arenot… Continue

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natural beauty and body products is it worth it?

Hey all is many of you know I make my own body and beauty products. I'm shared some recipes, links, pictures, but never really took the time to review all of them with you on if I would use them again if I've perfected the recipes or how any of that is going so I thought I would share with you.

first up is homemade deodorant. I got this recipe off of wellness mama dot com but I also seen people make videos about it on YouTube.

I make mine from coconut oil arrowroot powder and baking… Continue

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new things, ear candling, tinctures and gardening

Hey all so I'm kinda miserable today. I have a head cold. I've been trying to get plenty of rest and load up on vitamins. I'm taking metal for the sinus/ allergy part of it. I've been using my neti pot and drinking hot water with cinnamon and honey in it I also made homemade vapor rub off of the wellness mama websites and I've been using that since yesterday. I also bought those natural nasal spray at the health food store can't remember what its called right now but it's completely 100 percent… Continue

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Fridge cleaning, left over veggie pizza

Hey all.

I haven't shared a recipe for awhile so I thought I would do that today.

This recipe with something I created a basically on a dime. I use all leftovers and veggies from the fridge. I had a little bit of leftover corn, tomato paste, black beans, and 2 tortillas. I spread the tomato paste on one of the tortillas, Iadded a spoonful of mozzarella cheese, a spoonful of corn and two spoonfuls of black beans, then I topped it with spinach. And then put a little bit m if you end up… Continue

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New vintage 2

This will sort of be a part 2 to my last blog new vintage.

I just came inside from putting all the all of this week trash on the curb. Just during the beginning of this week our garage (that my dad uses for storage) how to have some construction work done all the beams are separating from the walls causing the ceiling to cave in. So in order for the construction crew to come in my dad had to reorganize and throw away a lot of things that he was keeping. A couple things that he threw away… Continue

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immunity booster

Hey all.

I've been feeling a little sluggish and down the past couple of days, like I might be getting a cold. With the radical change in weather that's quite possible. So I thought I would share with you the vitamins and supplements that I take when I feel that coming on. Before a meal I take one vitamin C, 1 probiotic, 2 echinacea, 1 garlic pill, 1 tumeric pill, followed by a glass of emergen-C. I also try to eat plenty of anti-oxidants and leafy greens. I will drink hot tea and… Continue

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new vintage

Hey all,

Still no computer here. I really been inspired lately by vintage items. I have always loved vintage jewelry. Every year for my birthday my dad buys me an antique brooch. I love looking at the Rings and The Necklaces they are all so beautiful

I also like antique kitchen accessories. When my husband and I find a house and move I plan to decorate our kitchen with vintage tools like and blenders and pastry cutters and things like that. There's a vintage brass tea kettle clock… Continue

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Hey all,

So to start things off I haven't been ignoring RP. My laptop is out of commission and we are not sure how we're going to fix it or what we're going to do. I am posting this from my phone and it is really a hassle. I want to take a minute to welcome everyone who is new to the wife club and spice goddess thank you. It saddens me that I have not been able to post anything on either one of my groups or this blog.

We finally got our pipes fixed. And then we had a nother small… Continue

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Winter Days

Hey all I found this wonderful website the mother nature network. There are tons of fun and educational articles. A few that I read were: 7 things you can make yourself, unique ways to save money, 10 fascinating facts about cats, 7 green things our grandparents did, and the photo of the day. It was a baby koala bear from Germany zoo that was returned to the parents after being removed for a vet check up. It was too cute.

They have a lot…


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Winter projects part 2

Hey all,

Here is part 2, the previous post was all about birds

 The next winter project that I have completed are upcycled pin cushions.

As many of you know recycling and upcycling are two hobbies that I am very passionate about.

For the upcycled pin cushions you will need:

-a hot glue gun


-a small tin can(I used a cat food can but a can of olives will work too, or any other can you can find that is small)

-A 4" by 4" square…


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Winter Bird Project

Hey all,

Today I made homemade bird suet feeders. Here is the recipe that I used:

So I followed the recipe exactly, adding raisins. I mixed them up and formed them into balls. I then rolled the balls in a little bit of extra bird seed.

Then I cut 3 mesh onion and clementine bags into rectangles. No specific measurements but I got 3-4 rectangles out of each bag(I…


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It's never too late

Hey all,
This article spoke to me. It is not too late for those resolutions! This article is just what I needed! Please read and share.

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Some hopefully useful info

Hey all,

I was inspired by this post from a conversation that I had with my  supervisor at work a few mornings ago.

We got to talking about various things. And she asked me quite a few questions mostly about being frugal and what I buy and don't buy which most of you that read my posts know those items and my alternatives. So that got me thinking about all the other questions I have been asked lately. So I will share and some of this might be beneficial to someone else that…


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The Frugal Year is Upon Us!

Hey all,

I am going to do two posts tonight since I will be working a few extra hours this week.

So my husband and I go pre-approved for our house loan finally. We have decided to live as frugal as we can to save extra money. We don't necessarily need it but it is going to come in handy when we buy new furniture after we pick a house and when we have our first child probably within the next year or so. We have shaved $30 off of our monthly bills so far by lowering the number of…


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Things I have been up to

Hey all,

It has been awhile since I have done a really informative post. I do have a few things planned for my group spice goddess, and a few blogs for my page it just comes down to getting it all posted.

The polar vortex really hit us hard. Upon arrival it was sick with the dreaded  stomach bug that Is hitting a lot of people really hard. I missed two days of work and we were pretty much stranded because by Monday my car battery had died and I couldn't make it anywhere…


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