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There is a New MoJo in my life

It has been a while since I posted last, I have had a rough go at it since my beloved Salem my Shih Poo and constant companion died.  My husband got tired of me moping around feeling sorry for myself and brought home a new baby to care for. So I would love to introduce you to my new charming little man, he is a Morkie which is a Yorkie /Maltese hybrid. He was born in November. His name is MoJo. He is a little cutie. He is so opposite from Salem which I am glad I did not want another dog…


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Stones for my grieving process

As you may or may not know I lost my beloved dog Salem ,the first of this week, he got out and was run over. I knew that I was going to need help in this grieving process. So I looked up what stones that I have in my possession that would help me and this is what I have been using.I placed them in a medicine bag I picked up from an Apache store in the mountains of New Mex.

1. Rose Quartz. first off I feel terrible guilty and responsible for Salem's death. I needed a stone to…


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Needing to understand the meaning of Crow entering into my life at this time I am trying to find out just what Crow is trying to say to me from as many sources as possible. Crow is a wonderful spirit and from what I am learning I have much I can learn from this wonderful teacher. Being of the earth element as a double…


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  Sitting here early on the last morning of 2011, drinking my coffee and just thinking about what pops in my head , I started thinking about how we tend to compare everything , we compare this day with yesterday or the same day a year ago or 23 years ago on this date. I tend to compare my pain level today with yesterday, or last week or last year and I do the day and myself an injustice.  The weatherman compares today's weather with yesterdays, with a year ago, with the record…


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Christmas Hangover

I don't know about you all, but I will be glad when the 'Holiday season' is over. I have a dinner to prepare today and then we get to eat left overs all week and then it is over!! I don't think I can stomach another Christmas show on the Halmark channel anymore. My Hubby has watched them all month and well last month too. He is a sucker for a happy ending. But all the Santa shows, enough already, there is just so many ways to re invent santa, how many ways can we make up how santa gets his…


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The past few months there have been 8 crows that come and visit me every day. Around 7 or 8 in the morning I usually go outside with my dog and buddy Salem to walk around my yard and letting Salem do his business and get some exercise. Well most mornings the crows will be in my big Oak trees right outside my house and welcome me  with their calls and then fly around. What is strange is that in  previous years ,if they even saw me in the door they would fly off before I could get the door…


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Greetings on  Christmas Eve, I was given the strangest gift/  sign very early in the  morning at 3 AM. I was turning on our gas fire place and in the front corner of the fireplace was a black feather,I believe it to be a crow feather. I know it was not there last night when I turned the fireplace off because I would have noticed it, where it was placed  was very obvious. So where did it come from? Who gave me a feather ? And in the fireplace of all places.There is no way from the chimney…


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Happy and Blessed Winter Solstice!!!!!

Greetings and Hello

I hope y'all are having a wonderful and blessed Winter Solstice day!!!! Not much going on in my world, had my 3 older grandchildren over last night to open their gifts and had a wonderful time with them.

My newest granddaugther ,MaKenna Grace was able to come home yesterday! She is doing well and still healthy. I found out that if my daughter would have not listened to her inner…


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I have not been on here for a while, not much going on in my life but now I have something to blog about,my newest granddaughter decided it was time to be born exactly one month early. She weighed 4 lbs. and 11 oz and all of 19 inches tall. I am so glad she is quite healthy. I have not met her yet will see her this morning around 9 am . Can't wait. Here are some pictures of my newest little angel

 Her name is MaKenna Grace…


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