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Ron(Fortuna Reclaimed)
  • 20, Male
  • Hazleton, PA
  • United States
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I have always heard about Ophuichus being the thriteenth zodiac sign,and that the zodiac we go by now has been outdated since the time you just mentioned,lol.   Makes you wonder if its possible to rectify the damage done by years and years of follow…
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1 hour ago
You always amaze me Rissa,lmao. I see writters block doesnt affect you much,lol. (Claps)
1 hour ago
See,i have no problem with you Incantis,you remind me alot of myself,lmao,however weird that is??? All im doing is pointing out that you need to at least consider the ideas and concepts presented here by others. We think its awesome you have found y…
1 hour ago
  Bind:   Hitherto shalt thou come,but no further Oh darkness that clouds the minds of wise men Fools are they,seeking false wisdom When only Sophia can show them the way   She screams in the streets,walks the valleys "Harken unto me,all ye people,a…
1 hour ago
2 hours ago
Im not attacking you Incantis,if i wear,you'd be in tears,trust me. what i am asking,however,is that you exlpain more in depth these ethics that you say you live by. You are projecting the image,from your ethics,that the rest of the Pagan/Wiccan com…
2 hours ago
I really really like this drawing. Did you make it? :)
21 hours ago
Im pretty much Eclectic,drawing much of my sources from Wicca,Gnosticism,Mainstream Christianity,Kabbalah,and Greco-Roman Paganism.   My world view is much like this: The All,who created God & Goddess,who in turn created the Earth using the Elements…
Is huntting fluffybunnies with his awesomeness.
I personally think this:   You can lead a horse to water,but you cant make it drink.   If people cant see that there logic and opinions are flawed,they need to step back and wonder what exactly it is that these people are pointing out to them. If In…
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Eclectic religous witchcraft
About Me
Its comnplicated

I like to think of myself as an Eclectic Religous Witch for various reasons.

1. I believe in a higher power(God,Goddess,The All)

2. I work magick,spells,rituals,the works,for reasons that may seem to be in a religous sense(I.E a ritual of thanks,offerings for petitions answered,observing the sabbats/esbats).
3. I live life the best i can being a goood person,although i do screw up from time to time,but dont we all?

Im generally a forgiving,kind person...i give people chances to get to know me,and hopefully get to know others as well.

I like seeking answers to things,be they spiritual,religous,or mundane.

I may be silly sometimes,but only because i use that sillyness to stay sane,in a way....unfortunately my past has left my mind forever scarred in some ways...

I am not Wiccan,but i do draw some of its teachings,the basics,into my structure...though i have been contmeplating covenlife for a while now.

I practice candle magick,divination,herbalism,and religous witchcraft. There is me in a nutshell,hope to get to know you,the person reading this,as you get to know me. Gratzie

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Ron(Fortuna Reclaimed)

Going back the way i came.

Okay,where to even start.


For some time now i have studied,practiced,and walked my path with honest intentions and good deeds. i try to live a good life,help others,and be there when i can,but sometimes,ya gotta cut things loose.


Im gonna go back say,four years ago,to a 16 year old who had lost faith in himself,the world,and everything around him.


When i first dedicated myself(Wasnt long after sobbering up that i did)To the path i walk now,i…


Posted on January 11, 2011 at 6:00am — 4 Comments

Ron(Fortuna Reclaimed)

Question about Angels...

Im have been wondering about the nature of Angels,there personalities,there influences on humanity,and where they fit into Creation.


Anyone who has extensive info on this subject is welcome to comment or present info relatting to this,as i would like to know more about them,who they are,and why they exist.


I have reasearched much,but wha ti have found just doesnt seem to click with me,so i am appealing to anyone who casn help me here.




Posted on January 4, 2011 at 6:30pm — 4 Comments

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At 7:30am on January 11, 2011, Incantis L'huayk said…

Hey Fortuna! I hope your day is going wonderful!


I found the cool theme at:


They have many backgrounds and themes...theres actually a butterfly one that I was going to was really pretty!


Good luck :D

At 6:17am on January 11, 2011, jane S.C gave Ron(Fortuna Reclaimed) a gift
At 3:06am on January 8, 2011, Ivan Bobincheck said…
Thank you very much Fortuna :)
At 12:44am on January 5, 2011, Lavender said…
Hi, thanks for adding me! :)
At 7:39pm on January 4, 2011, Esmerelda Na Breathnoir said…
thanks dude
At 11:24am on December 26, 2010, Neiges said…

Thanks Artemis!


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At 2:16am on December 25, 2010, Strata said…

And you are back??? lol  Jai said you were having account issues... message me and elaborate and I'll try to get them taken care of.




At 9:41pm on December 24, 2010, Sangraal said…
Welcome aboard, Artemis! thanks for joining us!

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