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Kerrida joined Oakthorne's group
A group for pagans of Georgia, United States, and their friends and neighbors! Our intention is to provide a forum for Georgia witches and pagans to discuss topics and make announcements on a local basis.
January 7
Kerri.  I am sorry that your blog is now all disfunctional... but the member had to be removed.  Btw.  you know that I think this blog is FABULOUS! :)
December 30, 2010
I think, at this point, that the water is running off of the oil slick. It's been brought up that Gards aren't the only wiccan trad, and you're focusing so deeply on them still. Your info is flawed, straight up, and that is the fact. You can continu…
December 30, 2010
Kerrida, When one stops and faces "that Moment", it does take strength. Life is built on the principles of movement, or no movement. Movement yields change, and none movement does not. Strength can be relative. To make a choice is take strength. To…
December 30, 2010
Can we please ban the troll? I seriously cannot understand how someone can keep spouting the same crap after so many wonderful and clear explanations... unless they are a troll or a clinical idiot.... Or both!   Let's be done with this... After all,…
December 30, 2010
Sangraal....  do what you want.  I don't really care.  I'm trying to understand where you guys are coming from and I can't quite understand it unless these points are brought up in the course of sometimes heated debate.  If you are so incredibly thr…
December 30, 2010
I will say this, and yes, I'm openingly admitting it.  I was once a fluffified bunny who called myself a Wiccan for years until I joined and met all these amazing and wonderful people.  These said people gently pointed out that I clearly was not and…
December 30, 2010
''Ah Witchcraft... How thee art a Paradox that resolves all Paradoxes.'' Bravo!!!
December 30, 2010
very good post kerri. exactly what a witch or infact anyone needs to know. u cannot seek to find things outside when u dont have it inside u. true . blessed be :)
December 30, 2010
For what it is worth, I will add that because you had already been given an official warning by a mod here, your last several hours of rant was a repeat offense from what you were warned and I could have removed you completely. HOWEVER, I am of the…
December 30, 2010
Scott Cunningham was full of shit. There, I said it. And so are the others that forced a change in Wicca. Unless you are initiated into a coven of legitimate lineage to the Black Forest region, which may or may not have included Gardner in the uplin…
December 30, 2010
Sutra... your quesiton is very good.  How would I know?   For that matter how do I know all of you are legit?  I don't.  I have to take your word for it don't I?   Herein lies the problem of a system that is in fact not fullproof. 
December 30, 2010
No need to apologize over this thread.  It serves to prove my point.   What I find funny is that Monique was fine with the post and even said she liked it.. while of course make a thinly veiled jab at Trads.  However, when pointed out that the write…
December 30, 2010
When people call themselves things they are not you have chaos. Anybody thats ever been to a ''mechanic'' and 2 hours to 2 days later had to take their car back in to a real mechanic to have the work redone knows that... Thats why Wicca and Witch ar…
December 30, 2010
Monique: LOTS of people claim Gardnerian lineage who have no right to it. And you know what? Sometimes total assholes find their way into an initiatory circle. We try and screen for Proper Persons, but our methods aren't fool-proof. We're only human…
December 30, 2010
I was not aware of their change in title.  I haven't kept up the last few years.
December 30, 2010

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Dedicant in Alexandrian Coven
About Me
I'm 28. Part Steampunk... Part Goth.. Part Otherthings.. but in it all I am 100% ME. Life is meant to be lived fully, it is not to be dictated by those around us. We should lead our lives free of the influences of others, and that is what I do.

I have been with an Alexandrian Outer Court since May of 2009, and took Seeker's Classes from August until later December. On December 27, 2009, I was invited to join the Coven as a Dedicant and begin training towards Initiation. January 1, 2010, I was Dedicated and now begin my training in earnest. The months to come will be an interesting ride indeed, let's see what they bring!
As for who I am, well I'm an eclectic woman. My interests are varied, as can be seen. I work for an major internet search engine company, which I thoroughly enjoy, and I actively pursue my hobbies. I adore Gothic art in all it's forms.. architecture, literature, traditional art. Sure some of it can be morbid or alarming.. but so can life.. and like life there is beauty in it... and that is what Goth is to me, admiring the beauty in all things around us. I also adore the Steampunk culture and asthetics. I suppose my love of technology is a possible source of it, but meh.. doesn't matter.

One important thing, I will only approve friend requests from people I have chatted with or know. If you think you apply in either case, make sure you include a message as to how we know each other and name/nick I'd know you as. Otherwise, no go.

Kerrida's Blog


He Returns...

This past Tuesday (August 17, 2010) was interesting. We had out normal Dedicant's class, as well as had a wonderful guest at the covenstead. All in all it was a good night.

As the night wound on, I decided that I need to go home now. As I walked down the walkways I just got the strange feeling. It was familiar and it caused me to stop dead in my tracks. I stood there for possibly five minutes trying to place it. My heart was racing and fear was creeping up. In the back of my head… Continue

Posted on December 29, 2010 at 11:08pm — 4 Comments


The Trial of Discipline

Excerpt from my personal magical journal:

Things are great. i missed a journal entry yesterday, but my dailies were done. So far, discipline is gettign
fairly well back on track. I'm glad. I've been struggling for quite
some time. There were times I was wondering if I was fit for this
training and such. Yes, losing your discipline definitely breeds doubt.
Hmm.. I wonder if that is one of the causes of so many dropping away
from the training? Do we let ourselves… Continue

Posted on December 29, 2010 at 11:07pm —


A Witch Is...

What is a witch? I hear this question a lot, and the answers are always
something like someone who does magic, or someone who reveres nature,
they are good and help people, and even oh their evil people. That
never says *what* a witch is.

Honestly, if I had to give one word to say what a witch is, it'd be Dreamer. The witch is that person
who looks beyond what lies in front of them. They see that which drifts
just outside of sight. They see both sides of the… Continue

Posted on December 29, 2010 at 11:07pm — 38 Comments


Thoughts and Musings

Note: This was written in mid July 2009

To start with a bit of background on the through process that started all of this, lol.

A few days ago I was thinking over the various things I have read and that I have gleaned from things a couple people have said. As far as I understand it so far, much of Trad Craft is about knowing yourself and in a sense a form of spiritual alchemy. Thusly spending a fair
amount of time meditating and reflecting inwards to sift… Continue

Posted on December 29, 2010 at 11:06pm — 1 Comment

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At 8:11pm on December 6, 2010, Sophia Kyraphia said…
Blessed be Beautiful one! I cannot wait to see you this Candlemas!
At 12:16am on November 7, 2010, Strata said…
YAY! Kerri!! *tackles and HUGS*

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