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okay this might be a stupid ? so Lucifer can be pretty much what we want him to be a god or an angle and he or she isn't at all what the Christan made him or her out to be then. Like I said this might be stupid ?'s but hey am just wondering and this…
thanks dru for the invite I am looking foreword into learning new things t
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I remember a few years back there was a female that came into the store that I worked at. She noticed my pentagram ring and all of the sudden she opens up the floodgates of her stories of magic and mystery and fairy circles etc. She invited me to a…
January 10
Just had an interesting convo with my mom in law about mormons and luciferianism. :)
January 10
Dark Dru (EVIL Version) added 15 photos to the album 'Jan '11 Snow'
January 10
January 10
January 8
January 7
A group for anyone who is a Luciferian or is interested in the path of a Luciferian.
January 6
January 6

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Prison of Pain
I came into this world with a heart made of gold
but trials and tribulations have turned it icy cold
I don't care what you think,ignore what you were told,
I'm a princess, I'm a monster, and I'm frantically bold.

No limits, nor bounds, are known by my eccentricity
My mood is ever changing with uncanny consistency
My thoughts can make your nose bleed with their undying controversy
My actions will disrupt your existence with vicious savagery

These past three years I have been locked up in a cage,
filling with rage,
as a zombie played my role on a stage,
That's a long time to suffer, along time to cry,
a long time to pretend that you don´t want to die.
look around and see hatred, yet with no reason why...
claw at the restraints until blood fills the sky...

liquid hate leaves my eyes, out comes an uttered cry of desperation,
my brain is pierced by five railroad spikes of instigation,
as they stream filthy poison into my veins,
I writhe,
I scratch the flat surface of my prison of pain.


Prison of Pain 2
So the placenta is to be eaten by a twelve legged spider,
Smiling with jagged teeth I embrace his pain.
I sit in deprivation as I feel like an outsider,
Singing hymns of old in utter torment and disdain.

My brain is pierced with railroad spikes of instigation,
Streaming filthy poison into my veins.
I writhe and scream in full out determination,
As I scratch the flat surface of my prison of pain.

Sacrificing myself to maintain others expectations,
Aggressiveness echos within my hollow core.
Trying to hold the disguise in certain situations,
As I fidget underneath I know that I need more.




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At 7:45pm on January 14, 2011, Rachel Ann Karfit said…
Wow, Dru.  How did that convo go?  I don't think I can even begin to imagine!
At 3:55am on January 6, 2011, Yuugure said…
Definately! But only if you keep a degree of your personal opinions or experience in the article. I don't want to include wholesale myths, but it's definately a subject a lot of people are interested in :D
At 9:26pm on December 31, 2010, Yuugure said…
You missed the cutoff by a tiny bit doll, but I've got you lined up for this month's issue :D
At 11:54am on December 31, 2010, Rachel Ann Karfit said…
That dagger is WICKED! :D
At 8:05pm on December 17, 2010, Rachel Ann Karfit said…
Blessed Yule Dru! I've missed you! :D
At 4:31pm on December 13, 2010, Seren Haf said…

H Dru, a blessed Yule to you and yours

At 5:17pm on November 19, 2010, Thorn said…
I love your friend's song! Thanks for posting it.
At 11:57am on November 15, 2010, Satori ☥ said…
We are friends by default ;)
At 11:08pm on November 9, 2010, Sangraal said…
I see that you do- awesome to see all your posts here! Thanks for joining us!
At 12:38am on November 7, 2010, Duir said…
Hi, Dru good to see you. HUGS

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I love coffee, good conversation and debate. I have a passion for the controversial. I blog. I write poetry and short stories. I am a student. I am constantly on the lookout for anything that can make me a better person; physically, mentally, spiritually, and material. I have a lot of pride which is mistaken for ego a lot of the time, but I know the difference, do you?
I like to offend, for it makes one think. If you are ever offended by my posts or discussions or videos, take the time to think why and reflect on it, that is the point. If I've made you think, I have done what I have set out to do. :)

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