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Lady Elyria
  • 40, Female
  • Minneapolis, MN
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Grapeseed (grayp’seed)     Scientific names: Vitis vinifera     Other Common Names: Muskat     Origin: Grapeseed is found throughout the world     Reported uses: Grapeseed may be used as an antioxid…

Tagged: cataracts, as, such, vision, improve

Started Dec 2


Ginger (jin-juhr)     Scientific names: Zingiber officinale     Other Common Names: Black Ginger, Race Ginger, Zingiber     Origin: Ginger is found in the tropics of Asia and is now cultivated in t…

Tagged: nausea, throat, vomiting, treat, headaches.

Started Dec 1


Milk Thistle (milk thi’suhl)         Scientific names: Silybum marianum     Other Common Names: Holy thistle, lady’s thistle, Marian thistle, Mary thistle, St. Mary thistle     Origin: Milk thistle…

Tagged: C, hepatitis, candidiasis, exposure, to

Started Nov 28

What is Cyber bullying
6 Replies

I was on another site and so many members cried Cyber bulling, just because people disagreed with something they posted or gave them an alternative thought to their ideas, yes sometimes online debate…

Tagged: cyber, bullying

Started this discussion. Last reply by Annie Moore Nov 28.


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Yes painful now but the story he wil get to tell about that scar...LOL ....boys will be boys....except in my house it was my daughter who was the dare devil she went to school with so many black eyes I do not dare to think what the school thought...…
19 hours ago
23 hours ago
Thanks, I went through a hard time then. Life is much better now. I still have some times when I think about taking my own life, but I have good coping measures in place to deal with those moments.
Your number 26 is so sad. You deserve better. I'm glad you found it.:)
Sherry, I try to keep him warm but have you ever snuggled with an Ice cube...LOL John thanks for sharing these!
Yeppers , and for his birthday Mother Nature made it a balmy 4 degrees!!! Ari is the only person I have met that literally turns purple in the cold without having Reynauds....
Lol at the "misunderstood and will not eat me" part. Just the way I read it in my head made me laugh.
Turner you have misread Ari , We are not claiming Gard , we have been and will be training with a Gard Grove , when we sat down with the HPS and HP we exspressed that we would still be running the group we have as an "eclectic group". We are not run…
on Wednesday
Edit your post the text needs to be in any light color like gray, then highlight what you post and clear formating ( it is the T at the top) space it out again and preview it should show up then
on Tuesday
I like how you put that muse, "Magickal Resposibility" , I have always said the Rede or 'Do as Thou will and it harm none" were very nice words written in poem form by a witch, I read somewhere that Doreen Valiente never meant for this to be more th…
on Tuesday
Lady Elyria added a blog post
1. Something you hate about yourself. The fact that I have a hard time with putting into type what it is I want to say, without sounding like a complete idiot or newbie. 2. Something you love about yourself. My compassion, drive and heart 3. Somet…
on Tuesday
I had honestly never heard of lodestone food, learn somthing new everyday is what I found...... Lodestone food is iron grit. Sprinkle on lodestones to see their magnetic charge. Also dress lodestones with a light dusting of food after workin…
on Tuesday
Sutra, first of honey all my love and strength are yours...... MAY THE GOD ASCLEPIUS,GOD OF HEALING, GUIDE YOUR DOCTORS HAND AND DECISIONS. now from a professional side,I will not give you any your going to be fines, because no matter what you choo…
on Sunday
no this was a guy named Angel Snowden, I knew his history from another group and I told Shawn because I knew he would take care of it. Unfortunatly Brian K did not want to take care of it.
on Sunday
Lady Elyria added a video
The Dar Williams version of "The Christians and the Pagans". Hope you enjoy it :-).
on Saturday

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I am a 40 years old ,..............I was raised in a non Christian home, I learned a lot about herbs, and herbal remedies from my grandmother and grandfather, but I am not “hereditary” because you cannot be born with witchcraft genes but learned a lot from my Grandparents......... married to Arimesis who is my life and magical partner, I have 2 children an 19 year old son and my 18 year old daughter who is also on the path. I work as a cardiovascular tech and enjoy working with people. I love to read, sew and make jewelry. We are a critter household and have 2 dogs , 3 cats, a Eclectus parrot, 1 bearded dragon, 23 snakes, 1 tokay gecko, 1 golden gecko , a skink and 4 saltwater

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Lady Elyria

30 Truths inspired by Jennifer

1. Something you hate about yourself.


Posted on December 7, 2010 at 3:30pm — 3 Comments

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At 4:30am on December 9, 2010, Turner Cain said…
Thank you for accepting my friend request, I look forward to meeting you at one of our family events. Your HPS is a lovely person, your with good people good luck on the journey.
At 9:36pm on November 30, 2010, Aislynn said…
It was pretty good. Thanks. I hope yours was excellent as well!
At 10:17pm on November 18, 2010, Sangraal said…
Damh the Bard is fantastic, one of my favorite musicians all around. I usually have him or Legend in my cd player :)
At 3:38pm on November 15, 2010, Guinevere said…
Merry Meet Lady Elyria,

I noticed that you posted on a forum that you were looking for a herbology school. If you speak french, there is this school

It offers distance learning that goes from 3-5 years depending on how far you want to go. It's the training that I've started and it's pretty extensive and enjoyable. Hope this helps.

Blessed Be
At 12:51pm on November 11, 2010, Shawn said…
Elyria... All I can say is WOW to you and Ari doing the herb/fungus/etc stuff... This has been a real eye opener and learning thing for me, someone who never did much with herbs.

At 2:54pm on November 9, 2010, Duir,of endurance and faith said…
yesterday I read the waxing story, I was literally squealing and crying with laughter. I laughed so hard it hurt. Thanks I really needed to laugh that hard... Hugs
At 4:02pm on November 08, 2010, Gwenyth Treeshadow gave Lady Elyria a gift

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