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Can you read?
9 Replies

Started this discussion. Last reply by Alorer Stef (The Gecko) Jan 8.

Request for assistance...
8 Replies

All right, people. If you know me, you know that, while I *can* do divination, I really don't specialize in it. My forte is rune magic, bloodwork, and elementalism. Pretty basic, raw stuff. However,…

Started this discussion. Last reply by Mikel Dec. 30, 2010.

Eclectic Runecraft; Heimdall's Aett

In this, the second part of our study into the Elder Futhark Runes, we will look into the second eight runes, that are attributed to Heimdall. These runes are, in this order, Hagalaz, Nauthiz, Isa, J…

Started Dec. 26, 2010

Eclipse pictures
4 Replies

From start to totality. Clipped from, because my stupid camera is CRAP for taking night pics.   00:42 CST 00:55 CST 01:08 CST 01:22 CST 01:35 CST 01:43 CST 01:56 CST 02:06 CST 02:17 CST…

Started this discussion. Last reply by Amrita Dec. 21, 2010.


When many voices rise up into the heavens in unison, united in the creation of their harmony...

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With evidence loosely defined as including experience, then no. If you define evidence as something that can be scientifically documented, then yes.   Seems to be a pretty common sentiment.
46 minutes ago
Go for it! Just remember; Don't cook the wax too hot, and don't cook it directly.   It WILL ignite, and it WILL explode. ALWAYS use a double boiler (wax in a container that is inside a pot of water). If possible, raise it up off the bottom of the po…
on Tuesday
O' thanks so much for answering! Even bigger thanks for the idea! :D I've been wanting to make my own candles for a while now.  I have what I need to get me started however I was stumped on what to use for wicks, because basically I'm too cheap to e…
on Tuesday
Dog joined Beorc Kano's group
I am no teacher. I cannot teach. it is a patience I do not have. I have no problems, however, showing other what I know, and debating these things for the growth of everyone involved.
on Tuesday
Thank you, brother. I greatly appreciate your help. Great video, by the way. :)
on Tuesday
Yup, Hemp twine, for crafting. I prefer the thicker stuff, because it puts out a hotter, bigger flame, and tends to hold the wax better. Not sure the diameter, if I had to guess, It'd be 1/8 or 5/32 or so. Wal Mart's Large line. I've used Hemp twine…
on Tuesday
It was a pleasure to watch! :) What did you say you were using for the wick?  Hemp twine?  Is this correct? What diameter twine are you using for your candle wicks? Have you used the hemp twine for any other size candle besides the ones in the video…
on Tuesday
Beorc Kano added a video
Just me, showing off my huge gut, hairy chest, and mad candlemaking skillz.
on Tuesday
on Tuesday
I did not know that they existed, Shawn! I'll have to look into it! Thanks!
on Tuesday
No idea man,sorry,but i always wondered about things like that,what the Runes would go awesomely with.
on Tuesday
Hey Beorc,   Not sure if you want more a "what it feels like to me," or not.. but you could always not reinvent the wheel, and go with existing correspondence tables.    The Complete Magician's Tables (Stephen Skinner) relates each rune to otehr thi…
on Tuesday
Now I could be mistaken, and I don't know a *ton* on runes, but isn't Laguz like water themed-ish....if that makes sense...When I had runes I always kept pulling that one, I'm thinking maybe waterlilly and a torquoise blue or something...I dunno, li…
on Tuesday
Beorc Kano added a blog post
For those not familiar with my current project, I'm combining Runecraft with Hoodoo Master Candle work. I'm making 25 total candles, with my Master Candle being mine entirely, and then 24 candles, one for each rune. here's what Ive got so far.   Run…
on Monday
These sorts of things are depressingly common, I fear. Validating that someone is powerful, by either reacting to their tricks falsely or by agreeing to their stretched stories, any people claim a sort of power by association. This is one of the mos…
on Monday
"Dude! Do you feel the energy coming off of these protective wards I carved into the top of this chest? I totally charged them with my own blood and energy on the night of the full moon!" "Yeah, dude! It's practically GLOWING with the Goddess's powe…
on Monday

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Beorc Kano

Runes, scents, oils, and colors, oh my!

For those not familiar with my current project, I'm combining Runecraft with Hoodoo Master Candle work. I'm making 25 total candles, with my Master Candle being mine entirely, and then 24 candles, one for each rune. here's what Ive got so far.


Rune            Scent        Color

Algiz            ?                ?
Ansuz          ?                ?
Berkana       lavendar    yellow-green
Dagaz          ?                 ?
Ehwaz         ?                …


Posted on January 10, 2011 at 12:04pm — 4 Comments

Beorc Kano


I see a horrid, self validating thing happening amongst the pagan cultures. It's been happening as long as i can remember, and it will likely keep happening for as long as I live. We validate ourselves by giving others the ability to validate themselves. See this screencap from a year or two ago;



Posted on January 7, 2011 at 5:18am — 17 Comments

Beorc Kano

Kinds of Teachers

For years, likely as long as all of you have known me, I have steadfastly held to the standpoint that I am by no means a teacher of any kind. I hold this point of view because, in my eyes, a teacher needs several things to be considered thus.


  1. A system. A tradition is, in my eyes, almost absolutely necessary to be able to claim the title of teacher. There are, of course, exceptions, but they are exactly that, the exception, and not the rule. A teacher is someone who…

Posted on January 1, 2011 at 3:52pm — 2 Comments

Beorc Kano

Pontification Series Volume One: On Circles, Summoning, and Ritual Magic.

Now, this was a message sent to another user on this site, but, I spent so damn much time writing it, and I touched on so many different subjects, and my personal views on them, I decided to drop it into a blog post. Any identifying bits have been removed, but my answers to questions have been left, albeit slightly edited for relevance and content, to make it flow better.




You will find that, when I converse, I do…


Posted on December 17, 2010 at 1:00am — 10 Comments

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Happy Happy Birthday to you!
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Happy Birthday! Hope it's a great day!
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Happy Birthday Beorc.
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Happy birthday! A blessed solar return to you!
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