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and yes, the diet and reincarnation has no connection. LOL...
Sangraal and Amrita are now friends
i have a folding table which i use for my altar. when i dont need it, i fold it and keep it against the wall in my room. coz at the moment i cant have an altar propped up in the middle of my room. so i set it up when i need it.
on Friday
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on Friday
what i believe is the soul doesnt remain exactly the same in all its incarnations. some of its 'karma' if i call it is fulfilled and is done with in the current life itself. and in no cases whatsoever, is the present soul completely like the ones in…
on Friday
reincarnation, the next life is based on the karma of the previous life... karma is not to be taken as anything 'bad' .. there is good karma as well as bad karma.. kinda the saying ' as u sow, so shall u reap' . the good and bad workings of the indi…
on Thursday
thanks. merry yule to u too !
on Tuesday
this is awesome :D nice post brandon ! i coudnt see it here since it was morning already . awesome anyways :)
on Tuesday
December 15
December 15, 2010 all day
Happy Birthday Sangraal, HUGS
December 15
December 14
Amrita updated their profile
December 14
December 14
December 13
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December 13
hey, i'm fine . how r u doing ? busy with xmas/yule preparations i presume. if its destined for u n the little sis to get together , u will. as long as she wnts to see u too, nothing matters. but yes, time will tell that. status and positions dont m…
December 12

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Solitary/Eclectic Pagan
About Me
i believe that there is a supreme power which is the universe.
i am a solitary pagan witch still learning more and more as time passes.
i also respect Jesus Christ since i have gone to church since my childhood ...well, only that there are some clauses for which i have my own beliefs and i follow what i believe ..
i know many here do not like the idea of respecting christ ... but i do respect and i am not ashamed. He was a good man who was sent to help people ... and he always told people to help and love other people. the jesus i know has given me a mind of my own to decide the path i want to follow and the life i want to live.

i have a very good insight . i have always followed my instincts in my past which have always been right . i believe i have a very accurate sixth sense which has nearly been right always . i've had this gift since ever.
i am also good in meditation.

very interested in magick since childhood.
i am a hindu by birth. never followed hinduism somehow though i know what it is. i was in a christian school n college. and plus, i dont worship idols. i believe god lives in my heart.
i am a very spiritual person within.
i always had the liking toward the unknown and the hidden powers. many of our hindu rituals invoke magick.
i am a student of the occult.

Professionally , i'm an IT engineer.
i love to hang out near sea sides and i'm a gr8 foodie.
i also love to work out and i am regular in that.
i am a fitness trainer as well. i started gymming since i was 12 yrs old.
i'm also a counsellor sometimes for a lot of issues and i like to give light to people who turn up to me. counselling on teen issues, drugs, relationships, career guidance, etc.. if nothing , i can be your friend and listen to what u have to say :)

i live in this beautiful and fast crazy cosmopolitan city of Bombay / Mumbai ... where life is very fast ... but this city has also taught me to be a strong and independent girl..
i also take out time for long walks at the sea face ... i watch the sunset ...and just love the breeze and the soothing sound of sea waves ...

i am usually cheerful and calm. yes , i do have fears or anxieties sometimes. not having them is never possible. i can calm myself down n be happy when i reason the fears out .

i love to smile. i love to be cheerful n happy. thats how i am most of the time.
i like simple things in life. things that touch my heart.
i love to make friends and i am a very good friend too ... i love meeting people from different places..

right now i am happy with everything i have in my life ... well, God has given me everything ... and i am very content ..
well, there is pain too ... but , well, its life ... and its ok .
well, life was not always easy ... i've been through lot of bad times. i've learnt quite some things the hard way . my only hope n my words to myself was that 'even this will pass by someday' . well, every moment wasnt easy but but i appreciate for whatever i've been through now. atleast it made me the woman i am today. they taught me to look at life with a cool n calm head n now i can say i have a good head on my shoulders.
after all, happiness and pain ... both are God's blessings.
i love to be happy and i love to smile ... and i love to make people, specially my friends smile ... i love my friends.

well, thats all for now ...
Blessed Be ! :)

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At 8:51pm on December 08, 2010, Svartulfr gave Amrita a gift
At 1:10pm on December 8, 2010, Orla said…
Hi Amrita, and thanks.
At 4:23pm on December 03, 2010, Thorn gave Amrita a gift
Thank you Amrita! I'm so grateful to have a friend like you. :)
At 3:51pm on December 03, 2010, Satori ☥ gave Amrita a gift
At 7:58pm on December 1, 2010, Duir,of endurance and faith said…
It was deleted when my profile was. I moved it a couple of days of all my information being deleted. Thank you, joining. Blessings
At 5:04pm on November 30, 2010, Duir,of endurance and faith said…
Am, you are approved, Welcome to Witchcraft Basics group. Thank you and we will be glad to have you as a member. Blessings
At 1:07am on November 29, 2010, Oronikas said…
Hello and Merry Meet!
Nice to know about you. I am a Solitary Wiccan from Kolkata. And the site moderator told me you are the only other member from India on this site.
Would like to be friends. I also am a fan of Jesus and his teachings have/had lasting impacts on my life.

I am also on wiccan together. Finding Indians over there is so tough. Let's start a Indian Wiccan group so we can have them all together in one place. Watsay?
At 4:13pm on November 21, 2010, Jennifer said…
Thank you so much for your wonderful words of encouragement on my blog! They mean so much to me!! Amrita...please feel free to add anything on fitness to The Body Temple...I love fitness and have worked with trainers but am not too knowledgeable...Blessed be to you dear :)
At 2:29pm on November 21, 2010, Ms. Witch(Sara) said…
Hey Am! I am doing alright. Still trying to shed a few pounds. doing a fun work out now tho that i try and do everyday and I also try and run inbetween. So I am still working on it. Mostly just want to tone up. Good to hear from you!
At 8:55pm on November 18, 2010, Whispering Fay gave Amrita a gift
Hope you have a wonderful day/night.

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