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Pagan Business Directory

Below are local/small businesses that are owned and/or operated by pagans within this community. Please support the community by looking into one of the following businesses before heading to the lar… View »

Recommended Reading Lists

Below are recommended reading lists and resources. The lists are added by permission of the contributor and fairly represent the subject or Tradition of which they are part. All come highly recommend… View »


Below is a list of Traditions, represented in the written point of view of its initiated contributor(s), whom may or may not be the original author of the thread submitted to this network. To keep th… View »

Site Resources

Site Index A continual work in progress, indexing various discussions and blogs of interest to the community. Definitions Wicca, Witchcraft: BTW, TIW and DRW. Here is how we perceive them in this n… View »

Our Publications

The Real Pagan Pages Released just before every Sabbat, the Pages offer its readers with history, lore, ritual and recipes pertaining to each turn of the Wheel.  Editor:  Duir.Issues: Y… View »



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