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Below is a list of Traditions, represented in the written point of view of its initiated contributor(s), whom may or may not be the original author of the thread submitted to this network. To keep things rather simple, a 'Tradition' will be understood as those whose lineage and praxis spans at least three consecutive initiatory generations-BTW, TIW, and all other pagan or magical traditions are inclusive to this list.

Click each title to be directed to its appropriate entry.

Alexandrian -- Oakthorne

Cthonioi-Alexandrian --Vinnie

Gardnerian -- Albiana

Oak, Ash and Thorn -- Lark

If you would wish to have an entry on your Tradition included, here is how: First, you MUST be an initiated member of that Tradition. Second, you must submit a reasonably well-written essay on the Tradition in the 'Trad and Training' forum. Lastly, bring it to the attention of myself or any moderator so that it can be amended to this list. It's possible that it may be buried under new threads, and I certainly do not wish to miss your entry. Thank you!

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