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Below are local/small businesses that are owned and/or operated by pagans within this community. Please support the community by looking into one of the following businesses before heading to the larger franchises. For details on submission qualifications, please read the following thread:



Goddess dolls made of felt from different pantheons, hand-embroidered with symbols and stuffed with related herbs.


When you stop you will find Candle, Lanterns, Oils, Burners, Incense,Dragons ,Blades(athames) Skulls, Rippers, Dark Angels, fairys, fountains, tables and soon to be home to Hagatha Boutique.  Home of all your home hunting needs:  Headstones, Crosses and other creepy goodies.


Founded in 1988 by keyboard player / producer Steve Paine, Legend perform epic songs, that twist and turn effortlessly through a myriad of time and tempos. Mystical lyrics, delivered by soaring almost operatic female vocals and powerful melodic guitars and layered keyboard textures, held together by a tight, punchy and precise rhythm section. These are the hallmarks of Legend. An archetypical progressive / symphonic rock band or if you prefer a dinosaur. Legend are not ‘fashionable’, ‘chic’ or ‘in vogue’ they are unusual and unique and they are here to stay. So if you like Rush, Jethro Tull, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Yes, Solstice, Steeleye Span, Renaissance... the list goes on... then you will probably like Legend.


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