• Gnosticism

    26 members

    Gnosticism: a religious orientation advocating gnosis (Knowledge) through experience as a path to transcend into illumination. Gnosis + Ism: Belief within Knowledge.

  • Pop Culture Paganism

    1 member

    This is a group where those who are into worshipping a more modern archetype figure. From seeing the power of three in the Halliwell sisters to seeing Hecate in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, this is a place to feel less at odds with the old world. Have fun and please, be considerate of others' choice o…

  • Pagans in Illinois

    2 members

    For all pagans in the state of Illinois.

  • animal communication or empathy

    31 members

      Animals are a HUGE part of my life and i feel that some, not all, seem to share something emotional  and some sort of connection with me.  

  • Divination 101

    153 members

    A group designed to teach, discuss, and discover the different forms of divination. Be it Tarot, Runes, Fire Gazing/Scrying, or Palm Readings. All are welcome!

  • Pagan Mythology

    97 members

    A group that discusses the different Mythologies and how understand the lore helps in their paths. Exploring the different Branches and Cultures

  • Wicca et Païens Francophones / Wicca & Pagans Francophones

    1 member

    Groupe dédié aux membres Wicca & Païen (Francophone) France, Louisiane, Québec, Belgique, Suisse, Luxembourg ...etc. vous êtes tous les bienvenues :)

  • Druids of the World

    46 members

    Druids of the World is for Druids of Every Order and of every tradition, Neo Pagan, Reconstructionist, so on and so forth. This group is for everyone. This group is not for tradition bashing, or im right your wrong type of discourse.

  • Pagan Musicians

    35 members

    Music is a spiritual path.  I formed this group to connect with other musicians on this site.  I hope we can inspire and motivate eachother to play!    

  • Pagans of Oz (Australian Spiritualists)

    12 members

    For Aussies interested in networking, sharing and talking to fellow Down Under Pagans.

  • That Hoodoo that you do.

    3 members

    Walking down a tree lined walk, the Cicadas buzz fill the sultry August air. A breeze barely stirs the leaves and the Spanish Moss makes for an eerie feel to the place. You see smoke from a chimney up ahead through the trees and smell the compelling scent of food cooking on a fire somewhere. The …

  • Grey School of Wizardry

    2 members

    This group is for all the Students of the Grey School of wizardry

  • The Goddess, Athena

    4 members

    For those Hellenes that honor Athena.

  • Cabal

    6 members

    Cabal for site Admins Only

  • The Morrigan

    4 members

    On shadowed wings and in ravens call.  Meet the Irish Goddess of battle, prophesy, death, sovereignty and magick.  

  • Celtic Witches

    14 members

    All forms of Celtic Tradition are welcome! This is a place of learning and sharing, so please post what you like!


    14 members

    Brigid,the Celtic Fire Goddess,has been worshipped in a wide variety of regions which include Ireland,Scotland,Wales,France,England,and Christian.She is known in many spellings meaning "Bright Arrow" or "Bright One".This group is for all celebrations of Brigid.

  • SomePlace Else Bed and Breakfast

    9 members

    SOMEPLACE ELSE BED & BREAKFAST is a place where people can come "get away from it all". Its one's NOT SO ordinary place to be.......it has an "ATTIC" like in the television show "CHARMED", a "BASEMENT/LAUNDRY ROOM" for all of your "ghost stories", guest rooms for general topics, and so on.....and y…

  • Pen Pal Pagans

    16 members

    A simple group for people who want to pen pal each other.

  • Spirit Animals

    17 members

    Are you allied with a particular animal spirit? Is there one animal that you are most frighten of? Do you have an animal that seems to be following you? What does it mean when an animal appears in your dream? Here, we will answer those questions and more; while learning the spiritual language of s…